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Hi! Let me introduce myself.
My name is Anastasiia, I am a marketer and I live in Finland.

I have been working in marketing for more than 16 years, and I have realized that when visualizing any information, we must not look for a compromise between content and design. The design of presentations should be clear, fully illustrate the idea, and be attractive.

I started creating presentation templates more than 7 years ago; back then, I made templates for marketing and business. You can easily find my profiles on the popular marketplaces: GraphicriverCreativemarketTemplatemonstars. There have been 10,000 purchases of my templates so far, they have become best-sellers items and have won numerous competitions.

Many times I have seen designers create beautiful presentations with the design unrelated to the content, and I’ve also seen people who do not have design skills and cannot use such tools as Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides to present their idea.

I created HiSlide because I believe I can offer great tools for non-designers that will allow them to get a great and professional result, save time and money.

I try to make sure that most of the templates remain free and accessible for all users, regardless of their income level, country of residence, or field of activity. I believe it is especially important to support aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and educational projects. But HiSlide needs funds for its operations and development, so it offers some paid content, and there is also advertising on the site.

I will be happy to receive any feedback about the operation of HiSlide service and your ideas on its further development, and I will also answer any questions you ask.

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