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I, Anastasia Myasoedova ( service, hislide PowerPoint plagin or developer), am a developer of PowerPoint Plagin Hislide, templates for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations which means that I create the templates that people (“clients”) can use to create their own presentations or presentations of their customers (“End Users”)

I offer a variety of services for you, your clients and End Users through my website ( Using these services, you agree to comply with the terms listed in this agreement. By using the service and/or registration, you agree to the terms of service. These Terms of Service can be changed at any time without prior notice. Any changes to these Terms of Service are not applied retroactively and do not apply to disputes or events that occurred before the publication of the changes. You are responsible for reviewing these terms. These conditions apply to all visitors and other people who have access to website.

Please read this agreement carefully to ensure that you understand each provision. This agreement contains mandatory terms.

I respect the privacy and security of Users. You understand that by using my service, you give consent to the collection and use of your personal information. I guarantee you that your personal information won’t be disclosed to third parties.

We respect the privacy and security of our Users. You understand that by using our Service, you give consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of our personally identifiable information as well as any non-personally identifiable information, as described in more detail in our Privacy Policy.
You affirm that you are either more than 18 years old, or you possess a legal parental or guardian consent that gives you the right to agree to the Provisions of this Terms of Service. In any case, you are to be over 13. If you are under 13, then please do not use my Service.
In my discretion, I can maintain different accounts for different types of Users. If you open an account on behalf of a company, organization, or other entity, then “you” includes you and that entity, you represent and guarantee that you are an authorized representative of the entity with the authority of this entity and you agree to these Terms of Service.


The templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote are perfect for the creation of beautiful and functional presentations. My templates are sold as a digital download through website. You may also receive support through website via email.

Support Policy

I provide support services for my products to Clients with active accounts (“free” and “paid”). Support is provided via the “Support” Section. The appeals of “paid” Users are considered on a priority basis. Upon “paid” subscription’s expiration, a Client’s account will be changed to “free”. I provide support only for my own products. My products are provided as “it is”. I do not provide support with product’s setting and customization, alteration or addition of functional. I do not guarantee that my products will be compatible with third party’s software.


By registering on website as a Client, you agree to as follows:
1. You guarantee that all information you submit to is accurate and complete. You agree to update any outdated information promptly;
2. You agree to be contacted via Email, SMS or text messaging of service.
3. By using the Service, you grant us permission to access your account and those messages, data, information, text, graphics, audio, video or other material posted/uploaded/transmitted by means of the Service using your account, solely in connection with the provision of Services.
4. You agree to the terms of the license in accordance with chosen subscription. 

You can visit website and use its service without registering. However, in order to subscribe you have to register an account. When registering and creating an account I will ask your name and email. If you purchase “paid” subscription, the payment is made through PayPal service. I also have the right to ask you for additional information if necessary.

Responsibility For User Content

I respect the copyrights of developers, designers, photographers and owners of any other content and expects the same from your side. Given the nature of the Service and the volume of information provided, I cannot monitor all materials you post or transmit through the Service. You agree that:

I am not responsible for the content posted on by users and reserve the right to verify, dismiss, delete, modify, and edit any content at any time and for any reason without obligations and prior notice.

When viewing the demos of the templates, you will see Photos/images/video/fonts which are used to demonstrate the template filled with content. This content serves as an example and is not included in the composition. Font files are also excluded from the composition but in the description of each template an exact link to the site where you can download it without violating copyrights of the Developer is placed. This is my policy to respond to all claims of intellectual property rights’ infringement.
If you found a copyright infringement on the service, please send a notice to the following address: [email protected]

To accelerate an investigation of a case, the notification must include the following:

1. Subject: “Violation of copyright”
2. Your name and contact e-mail
3. Provide a content link where you have found a copyright infringement
4. Provide the link to the author and the primary content, any other information which will be enough to prove copyright (it is necessary to compare content and identify copyright infringement)
5. The notice (from the author or copyright owner) that the use of the content is not permitted by the copyright owner
6. The notice that the information in the notice is accurate, and that under the penalty of perjury the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that has been allegedly infringed.

Acceptable Use Policy

Below follows a partial list of the kinds of activities that are prohibited on website:
1. submitting Materials that are offensive to the online community, such as content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or others;
2. engaging in activities or submitting Materials that could be harmful to minors;
3. engaging in an activity or submitting Materials that harasses another person;
4. collecting information about Service users for the transmission of unsolicited mass mailing or “spam” or for sale;
5. submitting Materials that are false, misleading or promotes illegal activities that are defamatory for service users or service itself;
6. submitting password to pages’ access to the third parties;
7. submitting Materials that display pornographic material of any kind;
8. submitting Materials that provide instructional information about illegal activities;
9. submitting Materials that contain viruses, malware, or spyware;
10. engaging in activities or submitting Materials that solicit passwords or personally identifiable information from other users;
11. engaging in unauthorized commercial activities or sales/competitions/sweepstakes/financial schemes/barters without my prior written consent;
12. using any device, software, or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Service;
13. taking any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Service’s equipment, its software (own and/or service Suppliers).
You covenant and prove that you will not use out Service in violation of the law or these Terms of Service.


The Service may offer forums, blogs, comments areas which are created for users of 18 years old and older. On these forums, users can express their views, share ideas, leave a message or a comment. Service does not confirm the reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or information posted on these forums. Please use your best judgment, and be respectful to other individuals using these Forums. Do not use vulgar, abusive or hateful language. Do not provide the content protected by copyright without the written permission of the owner. Any information you disclose posting a message in these Forums may become public. Follow the rules of the service. Please do not use usernames that other users may find offensive. Otherwise, I reserve the right to require you to change your username on my own.

Use of Third Party Services

You can also find links to third party’s websites on the pages of the service and in the accompanying documentation to templates. I provide these links for your convenience and reference only. In any case, I can not control the information, products, software, any other content posted on such websites and take no responsibility for their contents.

Representations and Warranties and Indemnification

You hereby state and warrant that:
1. you have all necessary authority, rights and permissions to use the Service;
2. information provided by you is accurate and current and do not infringe any copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, or other intellectual property rights of any third party;
3. your use of the Service shall not violate any agreements between you and a third party;
You agree to indemnify losses, protect the products distributed by means of the service and the Developer personally from any claims arising as a consequence of your breach of this Agreement.

Disclaimers and Limitations

I suppose that all template of service and the information contained are accurate and reliable; however, errors sometimes occur. Moreover, I have the right to make changes and improvements to the information provided at any time. The service, the templates, software, products and content associated with it are provided “as it is.” Service and its developer disclaim any warranty of any kind related to the service, the templates, software, products and content associated with it on the website. The Agreement implies that you will use the templates and services at your own risk. Service is not liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential losses arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Service. The Service is not liable for loss of profits.

Errors and delays
The Service is not liable for any errors or delays caused by specifying an incorrect email address when registering or contacting support, as well as delays and errors caused by technical reasons.

Subscriptions and Payment

After browsing our website you may be interested in purchasing the templates. You will be required to submit payment information to be able to do this. We use PayPal or Stripe to process our payments. You must agree with the terms and conditions before paying for any of our products.

Until 19 June 2023, offered an annual (or monthly) “Premium” subscription. This subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your PayPal or Stripe account control panel or by contacting our support team. This type of subscription is now archived and cannot be used for new customers. However, existing customers will still be able to keep their prices and conditions until they decide to cancel their subscription.

From 19 June 2023, offers paid subscriptions without automatic renewal. This subscription will not automatically renew after the due date, with the account moving to “Free” status. However, you can manually renew your subscription from your personal account on the website.

Refund policy for subscriptions made before 19 June 2023: You can request a refund within 5 days of auto-renewing your subscription. If you would like a refund, please submit your request via the support form or email [email protected]. Please mention “Refund” in the subject line.

Refund policy for subscriptions made after 19 June 2023: As we provide access to digital products that cannot be withdrawn once downloaded, we do not provide refunds.

Taxes: You are solely responsible for any applicable state, federal or provincial taxes. The Service and the Developer are not responsible for collecting, transferring, or advising on taxes, duties, or other levies by the government regarding your purchases.


The Service reserves the right in its sole discretion, and without any prior notice, to terminate your access to the Service for any or no reason, including your breach of these Terms of Service, the terms of service, or a violation of the rights of other users.

You may unsubscribe from any further communication from the Service at any time by delivering a written notice addressed to [email protected]. You may also unsubscribe by clicking on the Configure E-mail link or the link specified in any of the’s letters.

The Service reserves the right without notice at any time to change, modify or discontinue any service or its parts. The Service has no liability to you or any third party. (Business ID 3011048-9)

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Contact e-mail: [email protected]

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Effective date: 19 June 2023

Previous update: January, 2021