Africa maps Keynote Templates

According to its notion, a map is a reduced generalized image of the Earth’s surface, another celestial body, or extraterrestrial space. It is built in a cartographic projection. The Keynote map shows objects or phenomena located on it in a certain system of conventional signs.

There are different types of maps. The whole variety of geographical maps can be systematized according to the following criteria: content, scale, purpose, size. According to the content of the map, there are general geographic and thematic ones. On general geographic maps, all depicted objects are equal. These include mainly relief, rivers, lakes, settlements, roads, etc. Thematic maps convey one or more specific elements in greater detail. The chosen detail depends on the theme of the map.

According to the scale, there are large-scale, medium-scale, and small-scale maps. According to the purpose, maps are divided into scientific, educational, touristic, etc. In terms of size (coverage of the territory), they distinguish the following maps. Maps of the world, hemispheres, continents and their parts, oceans and seas, states, regions, etc. Below, you’ll find a wide range of African countries Keynote templates. they will help you make vivid presentations.

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