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20 Best free Google Slides templates 2022 (Regular UPD!)

In this post, I’ve compiled 20 free 2021 Google Slides templates. In my opinion, these are really quality templates that you can use to create educational and business presentations for any topic.

I think it’s the best way for an individual who wants to make a presentation and not pay money (because of its free version). The templates are really simple, but they’re still attractive in terms of design.

Professional, Clean & Cool Free Google Slides Themes 2022

Nature Green Google slides template

Nature Green free Google slides template

Download Free Google Slides theme Nature >

This presentation consists of 42 unique slides created especially for Google Slides. The green color palette makes this Google Slides template perfect for creating a presentation about nature, the environment, or ecology.

Idea Modern Google slides template

Idea Modern Google slides template

Download Free modern theme for Google slides Idea >

The Modern Google Slides template is perfect for creating a presentation on business topics. But this template can also be used for any other theme where you need a restrained and business style. All elements are easy to edit in Google Slides. The free template includes 38 slides.

Synergy Clean Google slides template

Synergy clean Google slides Template

Synergy Clean Google Slides theme >

The easy and modern presentation “Synergy” has 50 unique and minimalist slides. You won’t need any extra skills to edit this template. Very easy to use this Google Slides template.

Clean Google slides template free

Clean Business Google slides template free

Download Clean Google Slides Template >

A clean Google Slides template with lots of quality infographics. The template includes more than 41 slides unique in structure and content, as well as a small pack of editable icons.

Blue Business Google slides template free

Blue Business Google slides template free download

Download Blue Business Template for Google slides >

The free business template for Google slides has 22 unique slides with high-resolution support. All the elements are easy to edit, and you can also change the color of the presentation. The Google Slides template includes slides with mock-ups.

Medical Google slides templates free

Medical Google slides templates free

Medical Google slides template, Download link >

20 Free Slides for Google Slides for medical topics. All elements are created with the built-in Google Slides tools and are easy to edit. You can change the color of the presentation and each separate element.

Vesta Google Slides template

Free Vesta Google Slides Template

Download link: Vest free Google slides Template >

The Vesta theme for Google Slides is a simple template with a nice color palette that is perfect for creating a business presentation. The theme includes 25 unique slides, including text slides, mock-ups, and an editable world map.

Iris Google Slides template

Iris Google Slides Template

Iris Google slides theme, Download link >

The Iris presentation for Google Slides is perfect when you need to show something on a projector. Not only does it have bright colors that are pleasing and not too distracting, but the text size makes it easy to read as well! There are also 25 different slides so there should be one that suits your needs perfectly.

EVA theme Google Slides free

EVA theme Google Slides free

Download EVA theme Google Slides Free >

Are you looking for a unique creative template for new presentations? A set of 19 slides comprises the template. This is a high-quality pack that users display on any hardware. Slides are free of defects. The template includes multipurpose slides, so users can visualize all sorts of information on it. On the sample, there are such elements as charts, icons, infographics. These visual elements add vividness to speeches and make topics more comprehensible and clear. Moreover, users can perform more effectively and have more free time for their tasks.

Zien animated Google Slides template

Zien animated Google slides template

Download Free Zien animated Google Slides template >

If you download this free template, you have an opportunity to try a high-quality professional pack for free. 27 multipurpose slides include charts, maps, tables, diagrams, and so on. Due to these visual elements, users can describe a wide range of topics and easily visualize all sorts of presentations. Those site visitors who prepare reports and analyses using the pack have an excellent opportunity to cope with task implementation quicker and spend less effort on it. Slides are of perfect quality. They are not afraid of high-resolution devices. Speakers can display it on any equipment.

Google Slides presentation marketing plan

Google Slides presentation marketing plan

Download Free Google Slides presentation marketing plan >

No meeting or conference is held without presentations. Digital projects are displayed while every speech. If you want to make your marketing plan not only comprehensible and clear but also vivid and appealing, try this pack. This is one of free templates for Google Slides. A set of 24 unique slides includes all the necessary visual tools that display information. Diagrams, tables, illustrations, and infographics are designed to simplify topic consideration and help users demonstrate professional skills. Vivid and modern design adds bright colors and vividness to a speech. A premade template serves as a useful tool for marketers and businessmen.

Presentation template design free download

Presentation Template Design Free Download

Presentation Template Design Free Download Google Slides >

Vivid and lovely design looks stylish and attracts attention. Multicolored bubbles serve as a distinctive feature of the pack. The slide can be used for various projects in marketing and business spheres. The pack includes such useful visual tools as a brainstorm, a SWOT analysis, timelines, graphs, diagrams, pricing tables, etc. Due to such an abundance of multipurpose elements, users freely visualize different types of information. Slides are of high quality, so it is possible to display them on any equipment and be sure that they won’t have defects.

Business theme Google Slides free

Business theme Google Slides free

Business theme Google Slides Free Download >

Speeches at business meetings are responsible tasks. Every speaker wants to demonstrate a high-quality professional result that will impress an audience and prove professional skills. This free template includes 30 multipurpose slides, among which there are charts, maps, tables, and other necessary elements. These tools allow visualizing different aspects of speeches and displaying all sorts of materials. Moreover, although users do not have to pay for the pack, it is fully free of defects. Even if slides are displayed on high-resolution equipment, they will look perfect. The template serves as a useful working tool for managers, businessmen, and other employees.

Google docs “Service”

Google docs service

Download Google docs (slides) Template “Service” >

This is one more free Google Slide template that consists of 24 multipurpose elements. The pack represents the perfect mix of style and functionality. Creative vivid color theme looks restrained and modern; it draws attention but looks minimalistic. High quality, built-in tools, and ease of use make the template widely used and determine its popularity. Among useful visual elements, there are charts, maps, tables, infographics, illustrations, and so on. Such a variety of tools allows visualizing different aspects of a regarded question. Template’s high quality guarantees that elements will not have defects while displaying on various devices. It is a useful tool for employees who deal with reports, analyses, and presentation creation.

Business Google slides template

Business Google slides template

Business Google Slides Template Free Download >

The success of every speech is determined by speaker’s professional skills and a well-developed visual component. Presentations are currently used everywhere. Thus, it is not enough to make a presentation; it is necessary to make it comprehensible, clear, and appealing. This free template perfectly copes with this task. The pack comprises 24 slides that are required for memorable presentation creation. A wide range of visual elements is used. These include maps, tables, charts, and infographics. These elements perfectly visualize different topics and look excellent on any hardware. When downloading this theme for Google Slides for free, users get the perfect working tool that helps simplify the workflow.

Vivat free presentation templates Google Slides

Vivat Free presentation templates Google Slides

Vivat Free presentation templates for Google Slides >

Are you searching for a professional template with creative modern design? Pay attention to this pack. This is a professional template that consists of 18 slides. The pack combines style and functionality. Although it is a free element, it is equipped with a full set of necessary tools. For example, due to vector elements, users have an opportunity to edit size, colors, shape, and other characteristics. Slides’ high quality guarantees that they will not have defects and can be displayed on different hardware. Multipurpose visual elements include charts, tables, illustrations and other useful elements that help diversify presentations and make them clearer and more perceivable.

Pitch deck Google Slides presentation

Pitch deck Google Slides presentation

Pitch deck Google Slides presentation Free Download >

Every skilled speaker requires a professional template to prepare presentations and demonstrate his/ her skills. This free template can become a useful tool for such purposes. In addition to free download, the slide is characterized by ease of use, multipurpose visual elements, built-in tools, and high quality. The pack is welcomed in the business environment as it helps simplify and speed up task implementation and save more free time for other duties. The pack includes 22 unique slides among which there are such useful visual elements as tables, mockups, diagrams, etc. It is easy to cover various topics and visualize any type of material using these tools. That is why hundreds of office employees prefer choosing such ready-made packs.

Startup pitch decks Google slides

Startup pitch decks Google slides

Download Free pitch deck Google slides >

Do you want to introduce a professional startup project that will get investors interested in your idea? Then you need a high-quality template that will perfectly visualize all aspects of your projects and make listeners believe in your idea. A structured presentation will create a positive impression and demonstrate your professional skills. 27 multipurpose slides with charts, infographics, maps, and mockups are suitable for startup presentations. They will visualize all the necessary information and display it in a clear and attractive form. Moreover, a professional presentation will show that a speaker is a skilled and intelligent person. In addition, it is possible to demonstrate slides on different devices and be sure that they will not have defects.

Retro Google Slides template free

Retro Google Slides template free

Download Free Retro Google Slides template >

Have you ever seen a retro theme? It is attractive design that can be chosen if you want to create a presentation that will look modern but allow concentrating on a regarded topic. It includes 24 unique slides that comprise various visual elements. Due to these visual tools, presentations look more comprehensible and vivid, and information is visualized in a clear way. Lots of office employees prefer getting such free templates for their workflow. There are the following reasons: slides are of high quality, they are equipped with all necessary vector elements, it is possible to use templates for different types of presentations. Moreover, premade packs allow spending just a few minutes for presentation creation. Thus, users perform more effectively and save time.

Picanto Google Slides template free download

Picanto Google Slides template free download

Picanto Google Slides Template free download >

The success of every speech depends on two main criteria: speaker’s professional skills and the level of visual material. Thus, it is important to pay particular attention to presentation creation. A high-quality template is an indispensable condition. This pack is the one that does not have defects. It comprises 24 unique slides with multipurpose visual elements. Charts and tables, infographics and icons, as well as other visual tools perfectly visualize data, statistics, or any other type of information. Moreover, they make text information more perceivable and memorable, and presentations and speeches more vivid and appealing.

Any of the above-mentioned templates are suitable for a great variety of marketing, business, or advertising presentations. They can also be used for startups and many other projects.

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