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3 Reasons to use PowerPoint shortcuts while creating digital projects (+ Free PDF)

In this article, we are going to speak about shortcuts and hotkeys. We’ll find out why it is so important to use them and list at least 3 reasons to add them to your workflow.

What are hotkeys and shortcuts?

Have you ever count how much time you spend to find the right option or function on your laptop’s interface with the help of a mouse? Sometimes, it is necessary to make several clicks to open the necessary tab, find an option, etc. The process takes too much time. What will you do if I say that you can call some functions by pressing one or several buttons on the keyboard?

That’s what shortcuts (or hotkeys) mean. A shortcut is a combination of keys which allows calling the necessary option quicker and easier.

Infographic keyboard shortcut for PowerPoint

What are the reasons to use shortcuts in PowerPoint?

We promised to count 3 main advantages of using hotkeys while working with PowerPoint utilities. Here they are:

Time saving

If a user creates a digital project, report, analysis or any other presentation in PowerPoint, he/ she spends a significant part of the process for changing fonts, letters styles, size, inserting or deleting some elements, replacing blocks, etc. If one would count how much time all these procedures take, it would be a disaster for all office employees.

Shortcuts allow solving this problem. These hotkey combinations are designed to save users time and make their work effective. Instead of clicking several times, you can press a few buttons and get the desired result.

Let’s consider an example. One of the most popular shortcuts is “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V”. These hotkeys allow copying and inserting the selected element in one step instead of performing a long procedure with the help of a mouse. Let’s remember how we used to do it before. One selects the necessary text/ picture/ element, click on the right mouse button, then, chooses the necessary option in the pop-up window. This procedure requires three steps, while it is possible to press two buttons on the keyboard.

It’s not necessary to explain how much time you can save if you use shortcuts.

Work simplification

If you imagine the above-mentioned example, you can immediately understand that the use of hotkeys does not only save time but also simplify work. While employees had to make hundreds of excess clicks, steps, actions, their work was more complicated and monotonous.

Due to the use of shortcut combinations, they have an opportunity to create new digital projects quicker and spend less effort on this task. As a result, they will have strengths for other responsibilities.

For a skilled businessman or manager, the use of hotkeys is an excellent chance to improve staff performance and simplify employees’ workflow.

Ease of use

Skilled computer-literate users usually type text automatically. They do not look for a particular letter or button on the keyboard. Usually, those people, who frequently deal with work with a laptop or computer, develop keyboard typing technique. As a result, their fingers instinctively know the keyboard layout and press the necessary button automatically. Thus, entering the required combination does not take additional effort or time. Moreover, it is easier to press several buttons than move a mouse and click on it.

Convenient and useful shortcuts for free use

PowerPoint hotkeys have changed from version to version. Here, we offer a list of convenient and easy-to-remember shortcuts. You do not have to learn all of them by heart; just remember the most necessary ones. Moreover, you’ll quickly remember those shortcuts that you use the most frequently.

Every site visitor can download it as a jotting and use for his/ her own purposes. The list will be useful for everyone regardless of his/her tasks and occupation. Here, we gathered the basic shortcuts that you will definitely need while working with the computer. We prepared shortcut lists for different versions of PowerPoint software. Moreover, we have also gathered shortcuts in convenient PDF files that you can download below.

Shortcuts for PowerPoint for print

Shortcuts are designed to simplify users’ work, save time, and become an effective tool of routine responsibilities. If you have a list of hotkeys, you won’t have to waste time in vain and spend minutes on useless actions.

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