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3 ways to reduce the size of a PowerPoint PPT

Whether it’s due to sending issues, disk storage complications, or a general interest in sizing a PowerPoint file, this tutorial can give step-by-step instructions on a few basic ways to change the size of a PowerPoint Presentation.

Though there are many possible avenues to complete this task, some complicated skills that require expertise with PPT, or simple decisions like cutting text and number of slides, these three options are somewhere in between. Here you’ll learn how to convert your file, a fundamental way to change the resolution within your PowerPoint, and how easy it is to change the images’ size added to your slides.

From PowerPoint PPT to PDF

One of the most uncomplicated ways to reduce the size of a PowerPoint PPT presentation is by transforming it into a PDF.

  1. First, you go up to the “File” tab in the far-left corner of your screen.
  2. Then, you click the “Export” tab under File.
  3. Under “Export” there is a “Create PDF” option.

Not only will this make it trouble-free for you to send to others via email, but this file will also take up less space than an actual PowerPoint. 

From PowerPoint PPT to PDF

Altering the resolution

What is the resolution of your PowerPoint? In general terms, your slides’ resolution is the number of pixels that make up the default resolution. By reducing your presentation’s resolution size, you’re changing the size of the PowerPoint file itself.

  1. First, you open your “File” tab and select the “Options” tab.
  2. Then, you click on Advanced”>”Image Size and Quality”.
  3. Make sure “Discard Editing Data” is checked, and “Do Not Compress Images in File” is not checked.

This process will reduce the number of pixels the slides’ resolution is made up of, decreasing the overall file size. 

Reduce the size images in PowerPoint (Set Options)

Limiting the image

While these first couple options may have given off a somewhat “techie” vibe that might intimidate the average PowerPoint user, shrinking the images’ size seems like a logical and simplistic way to get the job done.

  1. Start by clicking on an image—the one you preferably want to change the size of, if you aren’t willing to change them all.
  2. When the “Format” tab appears across the top of the screen, choose “Compress Pictures” under the dropdown tab. 
Limiting the images in PowerPoint

When you choose to compress pictures, you can change the selected image or all of them initially. If you do not wany to change all of the images inserted in your PowerPoint, you’ll have to redo this step for each image you want to alter.

All or one

Regardless of why this information will be useful to you, now you understand three different ways to change a PowerPoint size. If changing the resolution or file type is overcomplicated or a step too far, perhaps merely changing the image sizes will suffice. Play with these three options to see what best fits your presentation.

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