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Add and work with speaker notes in Google Slides

What are speaker notes? Below each slide in your Google Slides, a white box says, “Click to add speaker notes.” Though we don’t often use it, this textbox isn’t just for show. By typing your notes for your presentation under each slide, you’ll have easier access to messages when presenting your project and be less likely to forget important aspects you want to avoid carelessly omitting.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to insert notes and use Google Slides speaker notes to your advantage.

Adding speaker notes

to begin adding notes to your slides, first open your presentation. The best way to add notes is when your production is complete, with all the slides completed and ready to present. You can locate the “Click to add speaker notes” box underneath each slide.

Adding speaker notes in Google slides

Once you’ve located the complete white box beneath the slide, click on the message. Once your curser has appeared, you can type in your notes.

Can’t see the “Click to add speaker notes” to the bottom of your screen?

Go up to the View tab at the top of your screen. Then, choose the “Show speaker notes.” Your white textbox underneath the slide should then appear.

Show speaker notes in Google slides

Once you have access to your speaker notes and are ready to start adding them to your slides, be sure you are making the right decisions about which notes to include.

Large, bulky paragraphs as notes for a presentation can be hard to follow while focusing on your production and audience. Make your messages easier to understand and quickly read. Try to write your notes in small blurbs or fact bulletins.

Presenter view

When working with your speaker notes in Google Slides, you’ll need to screens. For example, if you are presenting from a projector hooked up to a computer, you can read your speaker notes from a tablet, laptop, or cellphone.

To work with your notes while presenting, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow beside the “Present” tab to the far, upper right of your screen.
  2. Select the “Presenter View” option that appears.
Presenter view in Google slides
Speaker notes google slides

3. A window will appear then and offer you information and options for your presentation. Some of the setting options are a timer, previous and next, zoom, and audience tools. 

Presenter view tools

Now, by following these necessary steps and utilizing these tips, you understand how to add speaker notes to your Google Slides and work with them during a presentation.

While classically, people often use flashcards to hold notes for your presentation, you can’t lose notes added to your Google Slides, which automatically saves as you make edits. Using the speaker notes box can also help you to keep your messages more organized, focusing on one slide at a time

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