How to Change the Check Spelling Language in PowerPoint?

When giving a presentation, you should make sure that everything has been checked for spelling and grammar mistakes. If you don’t edit these out, you will often appear like an amateur. Errors might also make it harder for the audience to absorb your message. To make sure that you catch these mistakes before they get into the show, you should rely on the spell check function. By default, this is set to the language which you most commonly use. However, you may not always be writing in this language. For this reason, let’s look at how to change the language in PowerPoint.

Step One: Highlight the Text You Want to Proof

In some cases, you might want to apply this check to a section of the text. In this case, select the part using the left-mouse button. If you’re going to use different languages throughout the whole PowerPoint, ignore this step.

Step Two: Go the Language Section

First, you will need to move to the Review ribbon. This ribbon should be on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on this to present a range of options.

Change language in Powerpoint

Change language in Powerpoint

Once this has been done, move to the Language section. Clicking on this will trigger a drop-down menu.

How to change language in PowerPoint

How to change language in PowerPoint

To change the language in PowerPoint, you will need to select the Set Proofing Language button.

Step Three: Select the Language That You Want to Use

After selecting Set Proofing Language, you will be given a list of possible options, as well as the default, which you are currently using.

Spelling checker PowerPoint

Spelling checker PowerPoint

You will need to go through this list to find the option that you wish to use. Once you’ve found this, click on the language to highlight your selection. Then, click the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box. In some cases, this might generate a warning about changing the default language. To confirm the selection, click Yes.

You have now applied the change to the PowerPoint. This change will make it easier for you to check spelling and grammar.

Step Four: Do a Spelling Check

To make sure that it’s worked correctly, you might want to perform a spelling check. You can do this by navigating to the Review tab. There, you will find the ABC Spelling, which checks the spelling in PowerPoint. Clicking on this will cause PowerPoint to look over the entire presentation, searching for any mistakes. 

Change language

Change language

If the system finds any mistakes, it will go through them each one by one. You will then be able to either correct or ignore them, which can make it easier to proof an entire PowerPoint before you give a vital speech.


In today’s world, it’s common to give a presentation in multiple languages. For this reason, you will need to make sure that you can create a PowerPoint in numerous dialects. To help you do this, we looked at how you can change the language options to spot spelling and grammar mistakes in another language.

Review of a “Vivat” Free Template for Professional Business Presentations

Do you want to impress listeners with your presentation? Then it is necessary to choose a professional template with a stylish color theme and guaranteed high quality. This template meets all these requirements. What if we say that it is possible to get such a template for free!? Can’t you believe it? Click on the link and make sure that it is true. A set of 21 unique slides is available for free! Now let’s see what its main features are:

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  1. Multipurpose visual elements. On demo slides, you’ll find various lists, tables, maps, diagrams, charts, and other infographics. Developers thoroughly structured the template so that it successfully covers various topics. Thus, the slide can be used for a wide range of marketing or business projects.
  1. Perfect quality. Although developers offer Keynote template free download, they state that the pack has no defects. Various device resolutions are not an obstacle for the template. It looks equally perfect on all devices.
  1. A modern color theme. For a successful speech, it is not enough to place text or data on slides. It is important to draw listeners’ attention. A vivid and stylish presentation will be appealing. The chosen color palette looks restrained and modern.
  1. Ease of use and ease of perception. If you take advantage of PowerPoint template free download, you’ll see that no special training or skills are required to master the pack. It is enough to have basic computer knowledge, and you won’t encounter any problems. Moreover, the combination of structural blocks helps simplify perception and make topics more comprehensible. Your presentations will be clear and attractive.
Review of “Retro” Free Template for your High-quality Presentations

A high-quality professional presentation template is what every skilled speaker requires. This template is approved by hundreds of users. What is more pleasant is that the element is fully free. In addition, it has modern stylish design. Let’s review its main features:

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  1. Multipurpose visualization elements. A retro PowerPoint template includes 25 unique slides. On the sample, you see multipurpose elements such as charts, tables, mockups, lists, infographics, etc. Each visualization tool is designed for the display of different types of information. Thus, their combination allows covering a wide range of topics and visualizing any type of information.
  1. High quality. Perfect quality on all possible devices is an obligatory requirement of developers. They create and offer only high-quality tested packs that do not have defects. This set of slides is free of any type of problem with template quality. Users can freely display presentations on different equipment.
  1. Free download. Absolutely every site visitor can download these retro slides for PowerPoint presentations for free. A free download is an excellent chance to try products of the developer before making a purchase.
  1. A stylish color theme. The template is characterized by a thought out combination of a professional structure and modern design. Thus, the chosen color theme perfectly matches numerous presentations. Retro looks restrained and attractive.
  1. Ease of use. All free PowerPoint templates of this developer are designed for users with different levels of skills. Thus, even beginning users won’t have any difficulties. All functions are as clear as possible. It is enough to have basic computer skills to master the element.

The template will help draw listeners, create a professional presentation in a few minutes and make complex questions comprehensible.

How to Show Guides & Ruler in PowerPoint?

When designing a presentation, it’s essential to make sure that everything is pleasing to the viewer. For this reason, you might want to use guides to help you determine where you should be placing elements. To help you do use guides, let’s look at how you can find and apply these elements in PowerPoint.

Displaying the Ruler

When you are designing a slideshow, you will often have two rulers to use to help you place elements. One ruler will be along the top of the screen, while the other will be down the side.

PowerPoint grid

PowerPoint grid

To make sure that the PowerPoint ruler is displayed, you will need to navigate to the View tab. Once there, you should see the control of the ruler. To show the tool, make sure that this checkbox has been selected. If you want to turn it off, you can untick the box.

Power point grid and ruler

Power point grid and ruler

In some cases, you might only want to use the horizontal ruler and get rid of the vertical one. To do this, click on the File button in the top-right section of the screen. Then, move to the Options and click on the Advanced section. This section will bring up many ways to customize the PowerPoint. Move to the Display section. There you will find an option labeled Show vertical ruler. Clicking this checkbox will disable this ruler.

PowerPoint snap to grid

PowerPoint snap to grid

Displaying the Guides

For more precise positioning, you might want to turn on the guides. To do so, you will have to use the right-click option. By doing this, you will bring up a menu option. From this list, make sure to select the Grid and Guides option.

Options PowerPoint grid

Options PowerPoint grid

The type of PowerPoint grid that you choose to apply will depend on your needs. For example, you might want to use either a horizontal or vertical guide. You can easily select which guide by clicking on one of these options.

However, there are some cases where you might need to apply more detailed guide options. For example, you might want to use the PowerPoint snap to grid option. This choice will allow you to position things more precisely. Once selected, your choice will occur automatically, even if the grid isn’t visible. To do this, right-click and move to the Grids and Guides option. Instead of clicking on the arrow, select the button. When you’ve done this, you will see a dialog box presenting more advanced options. At the top, you will see an option labeled Snap objects to grid. Make sure that this box has been checked.

Other grid options

Other grid options


When you are designing a presentation, everything must look as good as possible. Often, this means making sure that all the elements have been aligned correctly. There are multiple options that PowerPoint provides to make it easier for you to do this. We discussed the two most popular methods, rulers and guides. So, the next time you are creating a presentation, you can use these options to make sure that everything is in the right place.

Review of a “Service Provider” Presentation Template

A stylish modern presentation template is a useful tool for every office employee who wants to create a professional presentation on service providers. It is a well-structured pack that includes various types of slides. Each block is professionally developed. The template is available for Keynote, Google Slides, and PowerPoint software. As a result of our testing, the following characteristics have been identified:

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  1. High quality. Perfect quality is its main feature. Developers create high-quality elements that look excellent on various devices with different resolutions. The quality of structural blocks and elements is easily customized.  Thus, developers guarantee that the set of slides will be free of visible defects, and your PowerPoint presentation on a service provider will be perfect.
  1. Free download. This template is available without paying! Just a few clicks and you can use it as you wish.
  1. Vector elements. Visual elements are equipped with built-in tools. They allow customizing a number of vector characteristics. For instance, users can edit size or colors. 
    Service PPT template

    Service PPT template

  1. Stylish color theme. In addition to perfect specs and improved functionality, the template that is designed for a managed service providerhas a stylish color theme that looks vivid and restrained at the same time.
  1. Multipurpose pack. The template comprises various types of slides including lists, profiles, tables, charts. The abundance of multipurpose visualization tools allows covering a wide range of topics. It is an excellent template for a proposal to provide service. However, it is possible to use the pack for other business or marketing presentations.
  1. Ease of use. Developers tried to make the template as clear as possible. They prove that even beginners won’t encounter difficulties while creating presentations on the basis of the pack. All tools are clear, and the template does not require additional training.
Review of “Arena” business template for your professional presentations

Is it possible to get a professional high-quality template for free? Yes, it is! Are you surprised? Then click on the link and download this PPT Business Template for free. Developers offer the set of slides absolutely without paying. Let’s consider what the template consists of:

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Arena free business PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides

Arena free business PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides

All elements are professionally structured and developed. The pack is available for PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote software. It has the following features:

  1. Excellent quality. The developers of the pack guarantee that slides are free of defects. They state that the template can be perfectly displayed on various devices without loss of quality.
  1. Free download. Just do not waste time and take advantage of ppt slides free download. Every site visitor can get the pack for free.
  1. Vector characteristics. Due to built-in tools, users can customize elements in a few clicks. It means that you can edit the size, shape or color of the chosen elements.
  1. Ease of use. The template will be clear even for users who do not have special computer skills. According to developers’ words, computer literacy is not an obligatory requirement. If you know the basic computer functions, you won’t encounter any sort of difficulties.
  1. Multipurpose elements. Due to a wide range of applied structural blocks, it is possible to display a great number of business topics. The chosen set of slides is suitable for reports, proposals, business plans, etc. Visualization tools will simplify topic consideration.

To conclude, it is necessary to say that not only this pack but numerous PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote templates are also available for free on the website. Thus, you can try one of the ppt templates offered on the site and download it for free. So, you won’t spend money and will understand whether their products are suitable for you.

How to Change the Author’s Name in PowerPoint?

The author’s name is often used to identify the person who has created a PowerPoint. However, there are some cases when you might want to consider changing the author’s name. For example, you might have used someone else’s device to make the presentation, and want to make sure that you are credited as the author. To help you do this, let’s look at how to change the author’s point of view PowerPoint.

For a New Document

In some cases, you might want this change to apply to new documents, and any future documents created on the computer. For example, you might have just purchased the device second-hand and want to make sure that it is set up correctly. To do this, you will need to open a new PowerPoint presentation. Then, move to the File section in the top-left hand corner. Clicking on this will open a drop-down list. At the bottom, you should see a ribbon marked Options.

Author's point of view PPT

Author’s point of view PPT

Options will bring up information about PowerPoint. Look for the one labeled Personalize Your Copy Of Microsoft Word. Click on this.

Information of PowerPoint

Information of PowerPoint

You will then be able to change the user name. To make sure that these values apply to future PowerPoints, you have to check the option labeled Always use these values regardless of sign-in to Office. Once you are happy, click OK and return to the presentation.

Changing the Name in an Existing Document

If you have already created the PowerPoint presentation, you will have to use this option to change the author’s point of view ppt. First, you will have to move to the File option in the top left-hand side of the screen and click on it. Next, move to the Info tab.

Information about PowerPoint

Information about PowerPoint

On the right-hand side of the screen, you should see the Related People option. Under this option, you will see the person currently listed at the author. In some cases, they might even have a picture attached. Below them, you should see the Add As Author option. Clicking on this will open a text box. You can then put in your own name. When you have finished, click the enter button.

Author's point of view PowerPoint

Author’s point of view PowerPoint

Then, you will need to remove the original author from the author’s files, to make sure that you are listed as the only author. To do this, you will need to right-click on that person’s name. Right-clicking should create a drop-down list of options. On one of these, you should spot the ability to Remove Person. Select this.

Author info delete

Author info delete

You should now be listed at the only author’s point of view PowerPoint. To make sure that the changes are applied, you should save the document.


When creating a presentation, it’s essential to make sure that the right person gets credit for the slideshow. In some cases, this can mean changing the author’s name by modifying the information on PowerPoint. So, the next time that you work on a presentation, you can be confident that you will be listed as the author.

How to Add Narration to Google Slides Presentation? Review of Marketing Plan .ppt Template: a Professional Tool for your Effective Work

A premade presentation template is one of the most important working tools for businessmen, managers, and office employees. This Marketing plan .ppt template will help simplify work and display various issues. This is why every person who deals with topic visualization has to pay particular attention to this pack. It has the following features:

Download Free Marketing Plan for PowerPoint >

Download Free Marketing Plan for Keynote >

Download Free Marketing Plan for Google Slides >

  1. Free download. Absolutely every user can download this presentation template for free. All you have to do is to pass a simple registration procedure and get any desired pack in a few clicks.
  1. Excellent quality. Developers guarantee that their template is free of all sorts of visible defects. They prove that the template looks perfect on all types of devices. You can display presentations on any office equipment without fears. Slides will not have blurred segments or visible pixels. Slides’ quality is tested.
  1. Multipurpose slides. The template comprises 28 multipurpose slides. Various slides consist of different visualization tools. Combinations of charts, maps, text blocks, and infographics help display different types of information. As a result, it is possible to cover any topic.
  1. Modern design. If you want to create a Keynote Marketing plan presentation, it is important to choose the right color theme. This template is modern and stylish. It is the perfect option for business presentations.
  1. Built-in tools. Developers equipped slides with all necessary vector elements. Thus, you can customize and edit characteristics in two clicks.
  1. Software. It is possible to create a PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides presentation on a marketing plan. Developers created a unique version of the template for three main types of software.
Marketing plan free presentation template

Marketing plan free presentation template

If you want to make your topic more comprehensible, draw the attention of an audience and diversify monotonous text blocks with infographics, this template will be the best choice.

“Sunset” Design Template Review: Why do you Need the Pack?

Are you searching for a professional template to download Google Slides designs for free? Do you want to make your digital projects not only comprehensible but also vivid and appealing? This “Sunset” design template will be an ideal option for you. The template comprises 23 unique slides for popular software. On the site, you can find the version for Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides. Moreover, you can download our free PowerPoint template design for free. The template is absolutely free for all site visitors. Keynote and Google Slides packs are also free.

Download PowerPoint PPT design template free >

Download Keynote design templates free >

Download Google Slides Presentation Template Design Free Download >

It will be an excellent basic template for your presentations. It includes different types of slides, such as:

Presentation template design free download

Presentation template design free download

Due to such a variety of multipurpose visualization tools, users can easily cover different topics and display all sorts of information including statistics and data. In addition, this free PowerPoint slide design help cope with the following tasks:

It is a high-quality professional template that won’t cause problems. Developers guarantee that slides will look perfect on all types of devices regardless of their resolution. Slides are equipped with a set of the necessary built-in tools; all elements are fully editable.

The template will be an excellent tool for a wide range of business presentations, including startups, reports, analyses. If you want to download PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides design for free, then immediately click on the link and go the website.

How to Open Google Slides in Android? The Main Rule of a Successful Presentation, or why is it Important to Use the 20/60/20 rule?

The main objective of every speaker is to call listeners for action, deliver a memorable and vivid speech that will force attendees to do something you want. Nevertheless, just a few people are able to spoil the whole impression. No, it’s not so prominent but still, an overall impression and your reputation can be ruined just because of a few skeptical listeners. We suggest considering a tool that will help make attendees more responsive and better manipulate your listeners. If you want to succeed and be sure that a few listeners won’t turn all your effort in vain, choose the 20/60/20 rule and make sure that your call will be heard.

The Main Rule of a Successful Presentation

The Main Rule of a Successful Presentation

What is the essence of the 20/60/20 rule and why do you need it in your work?

Each audience comprises different types of individuals. There are people who come because they are forced to come; there are people who want to visit your speech because they are fond of you and your presentations/seminars; there are people who attend meetings and seminars as a campaign. Taking into account this information, three types of attendees were distinguished. This notion was called the 20/60/20 rule. According to this rule, an audience is divided into three main groups:

Being aware of this rule, you’ll be able to better control your audience and manipulate their attitude towards you and your speech. The rule will be useful not only for speech delivering but also for a wide range of relationships within organizations or businesses.

As a result of this technique, be sure that you’ll yield better results and won’t ruin your reputation even if there are skeptically-oriented listeners at your seminar.

Effective methods to reach your listeners using the 20/60/20 rule

using the 20/60/20 rule

using the 20/60/20 rule

As you start your speech, do not forget that 20% of attendees are simply those people who support your idea, find your offer interesting, and have similar points of view on particular problems. This segment of an audience is your strength. You should make these people your supporters and use them to distribute your thoughts and ideas to the other 60% of those “neutral” listeners.

You should know how to involve them in your presentation and make show their interest. If you manage to do this, these people will help you to convince the rest of an audience of a certain idea.

If you’re a skilled speaker, you know that the majority of attendees at seminars and conferences are new people that are not aware of your topic. They tend to change their points of view and be uncertain. It’s obvious as they get too much new information during a speech. They need time to make up their own mind and stick to a certain point of view. Usually, the proportion of such listeners is equal to 60%.

An experienced speaker can find out the general attitude of an audience towards a presentation by using a poll or a short questionnaire in the middle of a presentation. This technique will help understand whether it is possible to manage an audience’s behavior and mind.

But here, it is a tricky point. Remember that you can get either positive or negative results. For example, on one hand, if the majority of this 60% group is positive towards you and your topic, then you can gain incredible success and ensure the expected feedback. But on the other hand, if the majority of this segment is negative, then it can influence the rest of an audience and ruin your presentation.

Every audience comprises listeners who are positive, neutral, or negative to your presentation. It is obvious. There is no speaker who has managed to influence the whole audience and made them be positive towards a presenter. Thus, every speaker should take for granted that among attendees there are those who will not agree with a presenter. It is necessary to cope with this fact and learn how to control this group.

It is important to know who to work with this segment of an audience as these are exactly people who can influence those “middle” listeners who are uncertain. Every speaker should beware of this 20% segment.

How to interact with them? Let’s see an example. When it comes to the time to answer listeners’ questions, do not pay too much attention to their questions. But at the same time, you should not ignore them. It is necessary to answer several questions. Remember that every question can cause you to confuse that directly influences an audience’s attitude. Thus, be ready to answer the most trick question and ask more questions of those “positive” listeners. When dealing with attendees’ questions, remember that those ones of “positive” people will help endear that 60% of uncertain listeners, while the questions of “skeptic” or “negative” listeners will scare them away.

One more point is that every time you answer a question of a “negative” listener, you should find common points of contact, try to please them. It is important to demonstrate that you have heard those “negative” 20% and react to their thoughts.

How a presenter can avoid pitfalls?

There are pitfalls in every presentation and topic. A skilled speaker should know how to avoid them. In addition, he/she should be able to express his/her opinion staying objective and emotionless.

  1. Leave your emotions and bias behind the door. Remember that a presenter should be objective and explain a topic as it is. An experienced speaker will keep his/her emotions and bias to him-/herself. Do not forget that every person has his/her own opinion and it’s right. There are different points of view and that is life. Your task is to listen to these opinions and accept them. You may agree or disagree, but in no case, you can offend listeners or show your disrespect to them just because they have a different opinion.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay unbiased, but this is the feature that distinguishes a skilled speaker from a beginning presenter. You should not impose your point of view.

  1. Listen to attendees, understand and accept their point of view. Let’s consider this point on an example. Imagine that you’re talking about a factory that pollutes the environment and your objective is to close it. In this case, workers from this factory can be present among listeners. They will disagree with you as for them, it is the only way to survive. Thus, an experienced presenter should accept and understand his/her point of view and speak about some alternative ways of managing the problem. A speaker should be ready that dome listeners can be too emotional. Thus, it is necessary to be able to stand in the shoes of your opponent.
  1. Find the golden middle and avoid disputes. It is not recommended to open disputes. Even if you’re too emotional or your opponent tries to start a hot discussion of a problem, try to keep calm and restrained. Otherwise, it may lead to the situation when your “middle” 60% group sticks to the side of your opponent – a “negative” 20% segment.

If you see that a “skeptic” listener wants to discuss a certain issue with you, try to find the golden middle and please him/her. Your main task is to find a compromise and convince your opponent that you understand him/his. This can not only calm down your opponent but also help endear the rest of an audience.

  1. Never impose your thoughts. When dealing with a “negative” group of listeners, do not try to impose your opinion. It is the worst thing you can do. It is the right way to ruin your presentation and spoil the whole impression. In this case, you can lose that 60% of uncertain attendees.

If you start imposing your point of view, listeners will immediately get this information and distribute it to others. As a result, your reputation will be ruined and all effort will be in vain.

  1. Make your audience think. How often do you use “What if…” questions in your presentations? Do you realize their importance? It is a win-win option in any case. If someone asks you a tricky question, ask him in response “What if…” and he/she will start thinking. You’ll have time to think about the answer to his/her question.

In addition, it doesn’t matter who you are and what actually your speech is about. You can be a student, a businessman, a manager, or a financial consultant. In any case, it is most likely that your presentation will be about a better future. You’re likely to speak about possible ways to improve production/life/conditions/etc. Therefore, such a question as “What if…” will be appropriate and will encourage your listeners to switch on their brains and start thinking about a problem.

  1. Try to endear listeners and win their hearts. Do you know how to win the hearts of listeners? Charisma is what determines your success. Make them laugh, smile, and keep cheerful. If you manage to raise their mood, be sure that they won’t be able to hate or dislike you. Even if your speech is not perfect, attendees will remember your cheerful presentation.

How to find the common ground and points of interest? This step requires a preparatory process. It is necessary to study your audience, analyze their habits and preferences. If your audience has distinctive cultural characteristics, choose them to complement attendees and get in touch with them. If you show your interest in their culture or tastes, this will lead to endearing them.

Try to endear listeners and win their hearts

Try to endear listeners and win their hearts

This small story can not be connected to a topic under consideration. It can be a fun story that will help make contact with listeners. You can say a few words about a football match, sport, a TV show or art. The main thing is to choose the topic that bothers the majority of attendees.

One more way to establish contact is to speak about folklore or legends. If you deal with listeners that belong to particular communities, religions, or cultures, this option can suit better.

If your audience consists of businessmen and managers, it is appropriate to talk about financial growth, current news, or related jokes.

Thus, as you see the ways to draw attendees’ attention and win their hearts depend on the type of audience. If you find common points of interest, then be sure that they will leave your presentation with burning eyes, and your efforts won’t be in vain.

Use unexpected statements. Duplicate thoughts make attendees get bored. People who tell the same stories, politicians who use the same arguments, cause a desire to be distracted by something else.

To be perceived with interest, leave time for secrets. Change the chronology of the story, make listeners wonder what will happen next. Start from afar, draw unusual parallels, pretend that you are leading to one denouement, and abruptly turn to the other.

When rereading your speech, find out for yourself what exactly listeners will be waiting for at each moment – and destroy these expectations.

It is a useful technique that will help shake listeners and make them get interested. Especially, if your speech lasts for a long time.

  1. Take control into your own hands right away. The way you appear plays a significant role. When going on stage for a performance, you become a leader. Attendees in a hall want you to control the course of events. They want you to take control of the room. Act as if the premises belong to you and all those listeners are working for you. They will carry out your commands. After you are officially introduced, immediately go where you are going to speak. Walk with your shoulders straight, with a smile on your face, with your eyes wide open and your mouth closed. Move briskly, confidently, energetically, and decisively. Hen starting to talk, focus on the one and only person in an audience, as if you were having a warm and relaxed conversation alone. And then smoothly look at another listener, then at one and another. Such direct eye contact will “slow down” you, help calm your nerves and establish contact with people sitting in the hall. An “eye contact” is an important element of speech delivering. It helps endear listeners and show you a frank attitude.
  1. Be sincere and humble. The best way to please an audience is to be yourself and speak sincerely and modestly. To show your sincerity, act openly and be yourself. You can show that you are a little confused and excited by such close attention and interest from the audience. Smile warmly and broadly and look around the room. Do not be afraid of being modest. This feature is welcomed by attendees. Do not be afraid of saying “Thank you”.
Tell about yourself

Tell about yourself



One more way to start your introduction and get in touch with listeners is to tell something about yourself. It can be a funny story from your life or something else. In addition, our story can encourage someone to strive to some goals, as well as show that you’re just an ordinary person as everyone sitting in front of you.

Parting words

Remember that you should be patient, open-hearted, cheerful, respectful, and focused on your presentation to create the right impression and succeed in speech delivering. Try to find the golden middle so that to be persuasive but not impose your opinion. You should be honest with our audience but control their feelings and attitude. It is a real art to be a skilled speaker who knows how to win an audience.

If you know how to show your best side and endear listeners, just keep in mind these tips and the 20/60/20 rule and your speech will hit the target. Do not forget that a successful speaker is the one who managed to tame negative listeners, persuade uncertain attendees, and keep positive ones. It is not possible to be loved by everyone, but the task of every speaker is to choose the right way to find points of contact with every listener.

Review of a high-quality “Eva” template: 5 reasons to download the template

If you’re an office employee or manager, this pack will be a useful working tool for you. Slides help simplify topic consideration and perception and create professional presentations easier. There are five reasons to choose the pack:

EVA - Free PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides template

EVA – Free PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides template

Download Free PowerPoint version >

Download Free Keynote version >

Download Free Google Slides version >

  1. Free download. Every user can download this Eva PPT template for free. Just pass a simple registration procedure and download elements without restrictions. There are separates unique versions designed especially for PowerPoint Goggle Slides, or Keynote software. Choose the necessary one and get it in two clicks.
  1. Perfect quality. This pack looks perfect on any equipment. Developers guarantee that no visible defects will appear if you display it on projectors or any other office hardware. If you download the template, be sure that your presentations will not have visible defects or blurred slide segments. 
    Eva theme Google slides free

    Eva theme Google slides free

  1. Multipurpose elements. This free PPT presentation template comprises multipurpose slides, on which various visualization elements are combined. Due to such a variety of visual tools, users have an opportunity to display all possible types of data and information. Charts, tables, maps, and other useful elements help make topic consideration more comprehensible, as well as draw listeners’ attention.
  1. Easy-to-use ready-made pack. Even those users who do not have a background or additional skills do not encounter difficulties. This is a free Google Slides theme for professional presentations. The element is equipped with all necessary built-in tools that help cope with work easier and quicker. Vector elements are fully editable. 
    EVA free PowerPoint template

    EVA free PowerPoint template

  1. Modern design. Slides look stylish and vivid. The chosen color palette is restrained but modern. A minimalistic theme is welcome for business presentations and numerous digital projects.

The template serves as an excellent working tool that helps visualize topics, attract an audience and catch their attention. You’ll be able to visualize questions and make even the most complicated issues clear and perceivable.

How to Save or Share a Google Slides Presentation?

Google Slides can be a great platform to create a presentation. By creating and storing your files in the cloud, you will be able to work on the slideshow from anywhere in the world. However, to do this effectively, you will need to know how to save and share your slides.

 How to Save Google Slides

First, you might want to learn how to save your work. In Google Slides, this is a straightforward process. As you write, the document will be saved to the cloud automatically. The updated copy will be available the next time you open the Google Slides presentation.

 How to Save Google Slides to Flash Drive

In some cases, you might want a physical copy of your presentation. This copy will allow you to alter it, even without access to the internet. For this reason, you might want to save it to a flash drive. To do this, you will need first to insert the drive into the computer. Then, you will have to download the file. You can do this by navigating to the File button on the top left-hand side of the screen.

How to save Google slides

How to save Google slides

Clicking on this button will open a drop-down menu. In this area, you will have to find and select the Download Asoption. This option will create another menu with a list of the formats that you can use. Select the one that will best suit your needs.

Save Google Slides how PowerPoint file

Save Google Slides how PowerPoint file

Once you download the file, you will have to open it and select the Save As option. Then, you have to select the Computer option. This option will bring up a list of all the files on your computer.

How to save Google slides to flash drive

How to save Google slides to flash drive

Navigate to the flash drive and click Save.  In some cases, you might also have to adjust the title of the file.

How to Share Google Slides

Often, when you create a presentation, you might want other people to deliver their feedback to help you improve the project. One of the best ways of doing this is by sharing your slides with them. To Google Slides share, go to the Filebutton in the top left-hand corner. This button will open a menu. At the top of the page, you should see the Share icon. Clicking on this will allow you to choose to whom you send it. Often, the way you will share a file is by entering an email address. If you want to send a message explaining the message, you can click on the pencil icon. Once you have finished, you should hit the Done button.

Share Google slides presentation

Share Google slides presentation

Google slides share

Google slides share

Google Slides can be a great tool to employ when you are trying to create a presentation, allowing you to collaborate with your workmates and store the presentation in the cloud. So, use these tips to make sure that you always have access to your files.

Review of Zien Presentation Template: Why do you Need this Pack?

Are you looking for free animated PowerPoint templates? This pack is the perfect option for your future professional presentations. Every user who is engaged in digital project creation will highly evaluate this pack. On the site, there are versions for Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote software.

Download free PowerPoint version >

Download free Keynote version >

Download free Google Slides version (19 slides) >

Who needs the set of slides? All managers, office employees, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. If you have to display a professional presentation, the template will help cope with this task easier.

It has the following features:

  1. Excellent quality without any sort of visible defects. This free animated PowerPoint pack does not have any defects. Developers guarantee that slides won’t have defects and such nasty problems as blurred segments on slides or visible pixels. Slides are perfectly adjusted to all types of screens and equipment. You can display your presentation on any device, and your listeners will enjoy its high quality. 
    Zien free presentation template

    Zien free presentation template

  1. Free download. If you want to find a professional template for an animated presentation and download it for free, this pack is what you need! It is available for free for absolutely all users.
  1. Multipurpose slides. 20 multipurpose well-structured slides comprise this template. Due to various visualization tools, it is possible to display all sorts of information and data. On the sample, you’ll find combinations of various visual elements. 
    Zien free presentation template

    Zien free presentation template

  1. Premade easy-to-use pack. It is perfect assistance for users. Due to built-in tools, users can work quicker and easier, as well as edit vector elements. The pack won’t cause difficulties even if you’re a beginner and do not have special skills. If you choose an animation for Google Slides, be sure that listeners will perceive your issue better, and you’ll be able to catch their attention for the entire speech.

The pack is a useful and effective tool for the creation of modern and professional presentations.