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Add and work with speaker notes in Google Slides

What are speaker notes? Below each slide in your Google Slides, a white box says, “Click to add speaker notes.” Though we don’t often use it, this textbox isn’t just for show. By typing your notes for your presentation under each slide, you’ll have easier access to messages when presenting your project and be less […]


How to make a picture transparent in Google Slides?

When developing a presentation that displays skill, the design is one of the many things to consider. Anyone can make a textbox, add the information needed for the presentation, and add some clipart for color. However, taking a step further into design could mean all the difference in how people perceive your project. One of […]


Use the presenter view in Google Slides

While some people might need help developing and customizing a Google Slides presentation, others are quite fluent in the skills required to present a well-organized, cohesive display. However, there are also quite a few ways to present your slides. In this tutorial, you’ll get an introduction to the different types of presentation modes and then […]


How to change indents and spacing in Google Slides?

Google Slides is one of the most accessible and most efficient programs to access when it comes to slideshow presentations. For beginners, who are not familiar with Google applications, Slides’ basics might not be as apparent as you’d think. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change indentation and spacing, both in the lines and […]


Grouping and ungrouping elements in Google Slides

Whether you’re skilled in the tools of Google Slides or are just beginning, knowing how to group and ungroup elements within your slides can benefit you in a few ways. If you know how to group google slides, you can make further edits, such as filling with color or adding a filter, to many aspects […]


Applying filters to your images on Google Slides

Anyone with basic skills can insert and resize an image to add color and style to a Google Slides presentation. However, knowing how to apply a filter to your slides’ images demonstrates an advanced level of skill. The steps you’ll learn within this tutorial, though basic and easy to follow, will help you add pop […]


How to put hyperlinks in Google Slides?

When creating a Google Slide presentation, there will come the point where you may need to embed a hyperlink. A hyperlink in Google Slides, and in general, is defined as a word, phrase, or image that, when selected, takes the user to a preselected document, webpage, or even a section within the actual Google Slide […]


How to add or change fonts in Google Slides?

With so much going on in the world with technology nowadays, people are more commonly able to utilize computers. Someone may know all the kinks and secrets to work with software like Google Slides, but, for the average person, just getting used to working with these tools, the basics need to be learned before anything. […]


PowerPoint vs. Google Slides

Both Microsoft and Google offer presentation platforms with their Suites. Microsoft’s platform, PowerPoint, has more creative designs, but it does cost you something. However, Google Slides is free, although with less animation ability. In this tutorial, we compare PowerPoint and Google Slides. First, we’ll cover how to use PowerPoint and Slides. Then we’ll review their […]


How to Change the color of bullet points in Google Slides?

Some people may want to change bullet point color in their Google Docs just to make their points stand out, especially from other bullet points in the document. You can use the same approach to changing Google Slides bullet points as well as their standard Docs. These instructions will help you better understand how to […]