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How to add transitions in Google Slides?

Your Google Slides App allows you to make great slideshows, share them with your colleagues or students, and update them instantly. However, sometimes, a good layout and font are not enough. To truly bring your presentation to life, it must be made more interactive and exciting. Google slide animations can achieve this. When you animate […]


How to add your video or YouTube video to Google Slides?

Knowing how to add a video to Google Slides is an excellent way to transform your presentation into something impressive. You can even learn how to embed a YouTube video in Google Slides if you find a relevant one for your presentation, or you created a perfect video for your slide presentation. This article is […]


How to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint?

When creating a presentation, there is a variety of platforms that you can use. For example, you might be more comfortable using Google Slides. However, to give the presentation, you may have to use the PowerPoint format. When situations like this occur, you will need to know an effective way of converting Google Slides to […]


How to add music to Google Slides?

Adding music to your Google Slides can help add extra interest to your presentation. The problem is that not everyone knows how to add audio to their Google Slides presentation. By reading on, you can learn all about how to add music to a Google Slides presentation and how this can help take your presentation […]


How to add GIFs to Google Slides?

People love their GIFs. Putting a GIF in Google Slides can be a great way to get the point across or add a laugh to keep people interested in your presentation. If you don’t know how to put GIFs on Google Slides, you may be missing out on taking your presentations to the next level. […]


How to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides?

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation already created but need to turn it into a Google Slides presentation? Converting your PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides is a more manageable approach than just starting over from scratch. Learning how to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides is an essential skill that can make creating these presentations a […]


20 Best free Google Slides templates 2022 (Regular UPD!)

In this post, I’ve compiled 20 free 2021 Google Slides templates. In my opinion, these are really quality templates that you can use to create educational and business presentations for any topic. I think it’s the best way for an individual who wants to make a presentation and not pay money (because of its free version). […]


How to add bullet points to Google Slides?

Google Slides is a popular alternative for creating presentations instead of using PowerPoint. Whether you don’t have access to PowerPoint or you prefer the Google option, this guide is here to help you understand how to add bullet points to Google Slides so that you can make your presentation into the perfect one for your […]