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How to make a picture transparent in PowerPoint?

With the proper text and images, basic PowerPoint presentations aren’t quite enough effort anymore to catch a viewer’s attention. While they might be getting the information needed from the presentation, people are unimpressed by bland, colorless, flat presentations. With such advanced technology available today, people now want to see PowerPoint presentations displaying a level of […]


How to change indents and spacing in PowerPoint?

While some people are becoming savvier with presentation programs like PowerPoint and Google Slides, others aren’t entirely as adapted to the ins and outs as they’d like. Do you need to learn some of the basics of PowerPoint? Are you working on a presentation and struggling to maneuver the program’s settings? In this tutorial, you’ll […]


3 ways to reduce the size of a PowerPoint PPT

Whether it’s due to sending issues, disk storage complications, or a general interest in sizing a PowerPoint file, this tutorial can give step-by-step instructions on a few basic ways to change the size of a PowerPoint Presentation. Though there are many possible avenues to complete this task, some complicated skills that require expertise with PPT, […]


PowerPoint shapes: a fast tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint has become increasingly versatile over the years. What initially started as a simple business presentation tool has gradually become a dynamic platform to communicate messages for companies, organizations, and people alike. The evolution of PowerPoint has seen the introduction of many useful features, which have helped create more captivating and educationally inclusive presentations. […]


How to create process flow in PowerPoint?

A process flow diagram in PowerPoint is a visual representation of a process broken down into its major steps and numbered according to the order in which they occur. Major/minor details may be included along with these steps, but this is not always the case. As it relates to visual learners, using a process flow […]


Making a pyramid on PowerPoint (guide)

You may know how to customize and develop a simple PowerPoint presentation for any project need. However, what would make your display stand out, over all the basic models, would be specific design techniques available with PowerPoint. One of these design techniques that will be sure to make your presentation pop is adding a pyramid. […]


How to create an organizational chart in PowerPoint?

In creating a presentation, one should be aware of all the tools they have at their disposal in order to maximize its effectiveness. One tool in particular that will greatly assist in this is the organizational chart. An organizational chart (org chart for short) is a valuable tool that helps display hierarchy structure within a […]


How to make charts and graphs in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Data visualization is one of the most critical factors affecting the proper relaying of information. This quality is especially true when you are preparing a visual PowerPoint presentation, where a picture, or in this case, a chart, can speak a thousand words. If you are new to graphs and charts in PowerPoint, do not stress […]


PowerPoint vs. Google Slides

Both Microsoft and Google offer presentation platforms with their Suites. Microsoft’s platform, PowerPoint, has more creative designs, but it does cost you something. However, Google Slides is free, although with less animation ability. In this tutorial, we compare PowerPoint and Google Slides. First, we’ll cover how to use PowerPoint and Slides. Then we’ll review their […]


How to find the word count in PowerPoint?

Word count can be important, especially when you are working on a project that requires a specific word count. But how do you find the word count in PowerPoint? This task may be an easy one when you look at Microsoft Word, but it may not be as noticeable when it comes to your PowerPoint […]