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How to add, duplicate, move, delete or hide slides in Google Slides?

Google Slides is a modern, cutting-edge platform to create and share your presentation with your employer or employees, colleagues, or students and teachers. It can be used both on your computer and smartphone, allowing you to view, work, and edit from anywhere. It is effortless to access presentations, saving the hassle of having to email attachments and download them onto your device.

Add, duplicate, move, delete or hide slides on Google Slides

Using the Google Slides app is very simple, once you have gotten the hang of how to use it. This article will cover the absolute basics. By clicking around the app and getting some experience, it is also a great teacher since it is designed to be easy to use.

  1. How to Add a Slide on Google Slide. Clicking on the plus sign ( + ) will add a new slide. The drop-down menu right next to it will allow you to choose a suitable template for your slide.
How to add slide on Google Slides

2. How to Duplicate a Slide on Google Slide. It is straightforward, time-saving, and more convenient to duplicate and edit the slide if several slides you are planning to create have the same layout or placeholders. It is much more time consuming to add a new slide and format your images and text onto it over and over again. This efficient tool can be used by right-clicking the slide you want to duplicate and then selecting the duplicate option underneath it. A copy of the slide will appear below it.

How to Duplicate a Slide on Google Slide

3. How to Move a Slide on Google Slide. While creating the presentation, it is not easy to maintain the correct order of all the desired slides throughout your work. It is easier to create the slides in the most convenient order and then reorganize them. Doing so is easy. Click and hold the slide and then move it up and down the slide navigation bar. Release the slide wherever it is needed.

How to Move a Slide on Google Slide

4. How to Delete a Slide on Google Slide. Unneeded slides, extra duplicates, or other new slides pop up throughout the creation of your presentation. Click on any of these slides and press the backspace button on your keyboard to delete them. Right-clicking and selecting the Delete Slide option (right underneath the duplicate option shown above) can also delete slides.

How to Delete a Slide on Google Slide

5. How to Hide a Slide on Google Slide. Specific slides, you may not want to delete, but you also don’t want it showing in your presentation. These could be slides with your notes or other relevant information meant for your eyes only. Right-clicking on the slide you want to hide and selecting the Skip Slide option can easily do this.

Now that all the basics are covered, it should be reasonably straightforward, creating your first Google Slide presentation. The app comes with many other options and tools to develop your presentation. Through using these options and tools, you will explore and discover as you use the Google Slides app more and more to create a professional, good quality presentation.

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