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How to add, embed or change fonts in PowerPoint?

One of the essential design elements in any presentation is the font. Different fonts add different meanings to a text. Some will help reinforce your message, while others may well take away from it. It is, therefore, a necessary skill to know how to add, embed, or change fonts in PowerPoint.

How to add fonts?

  1. PowerPoint automatically displays all of the fonts that you have downloaded to your computer. Therefore, you have to download fonts to your computer.
  2. Go to Google Fonts, then select whichever font you want by clicking the “+” button. Open the tab that appears at the bottom of your screen. 
Free Google fonts for presentation

3. The Regular style will automatically be selected, but if you want additional styles, click on Customize and select the ones you want. 

Download Google font

4. Finally, to install the fonts you have selected, click the download button ⬇, and they will appear on your list in PowerPoint when you open the app.

How to embed fonts?

  1. Click on the tab in the top left corner of your screen that says File
Click the tab “Home”

2. Click Options

Choose “Options”

3. Click on the Save At the bottom, you will see the checkbox that says Embed fonts in the file. Select that option.

4. There are two sub-categories under the checkbox. If you select the top one, only the characters that you used in the presentation will be embedded, which means that the size of your file won’t increase by any drastic amount. However, if you select the second option, all characters will be embedded, and the size of your file will be increased significantly. An increased file size will allow you to work on your project on any computer.

5. Finally, click, OK

How to embed font in PowerPoint

How to change fonts?

  1. Select the text boxes for which font you want to change.
  2. Go to the Home tab and move to the Font section. Click on the arrow to reveal a list of all of the fonts. Choose the font that you feel that best fits your presentation. 
Font in PowerPoint

3. If you want to change the font of all of the text in your presentation, click on the View Here you will find Slide Master in the Master view group of the tab. Click on it. 

Master slides in PowerPoint

4. Select the first slide on the list that you will find on the left side of your screen, then select the text boxes of which you want to change the font. Note: the top textbox will adjust the fonts of the titles on all of your slides, while the other textbox will change the fonts of all of the other text in your slides. 

5. Now go to the Font group in the Home tab and select the desired font, as explained earlier.

6. Another option to change fonts is to go the Fonts option in the Slide Master You will find this in the Background group. Use the drop-down option to choose the font that you want. 

How to add font to PowerPoint

7. Once you are happy with your new fonts, click the Close Master View button to go back to the standard view. 

Close Master slides in PowerPoint

Fonts are such a powerful tool to use in any representation, and knowing how to work with them is very important. Follow these simple steps to familiarize yourself with the way it works and feel good knowing that fonts will never get the better of you again.

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