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How to add music to Google Slides?

Adding music to your Google Slides can help add extra interest to your presentation. The problem is that not everyone knows how to add audio to their Google Slides presentation. By reading on, you can learn all about how to add music to a Google Slides presentation and how this can help take your presentation to the next level. Here are the steps on how to add music to Google Slides.

There are a couple of different approaches: adding an audio file or adding audio using YouTube.

Using a link from an online audio file

Adding a link to a music file from online sites like Grooveshark, Soundcloud, and Spotify is one of the easiest ways to add audio to your Google Slides presentation.

  1. After opening Google Slides, the first thing that you need to do is to select the slide to which you want to add the music. 
Add music in Google slides presentation

2. Next, you will click on the Insert option from the menu, then click Text Box. You could also click the Text Boxbutton on the toolbar. Once you do this, you can click on any part of the slide to create the text box automatically. 

Add link to music file

3. After this, you will go to the online site of your choosing to get the perfect audio track for your presentation. Use the instructions on the website to copy the link.

4. Paste the link to the track you have selected from the music website into the text box and resize it and move it to where you want it on the page.

5. The music will play when the slide you have selected is presented.

Add music from file to Google Drive

  1. Click on the Insert option from the menu, then click Audio.  
Add audio to Google slides presentation

2. In the window that opens, select your music file.

3. Music added to your Google Slides presentation.

Using links from YouTube

You could also use YouTube to get the link for your music. There are two approaches here. One method would follow the same procedure that was used for adding music with the audio link. Another way to do this is by putting the YouTube video directly into your presentation.

  1. Click on the slide that you want the music on, then click on the Insert button on the toolbar. Then, select Video on that menu. 
Add Youtube music video to Google Slides

2. Go to YouTube to find the music video that you want to use. Click the link information on this video, then go back to the slide to insert the video.

3. While you still have the video selected, choose the Format Options on the toolbar.

4. Click on the arrow button next to the Video Playback button and check the option for Autoplay When Presenting. This option makes it so that the video will play automatically without you having to stop in the middle of your presentation to play the music video.

5. You can resize the video as needed. 

Video Youtube to Google Slides

These are two ways that you can add that extra pop to your presentation that will draw the attention of your audience. Sometimes just reading words doesn’t have the impact that you want but adding music can make your presentation stand out and keep everyone’s attention on your program.

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