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How to Convert Keynote to Google Slides: A Comprehensive Guide

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve crafted a stunning Keynote presentation, but your audience or colleagues are more accustomed to Google Slides? Don’t fret! This tutorial will guide you through the seamless process of converting your Keynote masterpiece into a Google Slides presentation. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Convert Keynote Presentation to Google Slides

Alright, if you want to convert your Apple Keynote presentation to a format that’s more universally accepted, like a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you’re in the right place. Here’s a detailed tutorial to guide you through this process. Let’s break it down into simple steps to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Exporting Keynote to PowerPoint Format

  1. On your macOS device, open the Apple Keynote presentation you wish to convert.
    open keynote presentation file
  2. Navigate to the top menu. Click on “File” in the menu bar.
    choose file menu
  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Export To.”
    top menu file export to
  4. You’ll see various file formats. For our purpose, select “PowerPoint.” This is the step where you’re converting your Keynote to PowerPoint.
    export to powerpoint option
  5. You’ll be asked to choose between ppt and pptx. For maximum compatibility, especially if you’re going to use this on a Windows PC, choose pptx.
    select powerpoint type file
  6. Confirm the export settings. If you’re unsure, the default settings are typically fine. Click “Export.”
    click export
  7. Choose a location to save the PowerPoint presentation file. Remember this location as you’ll need it in the next steps.

Uploading to Google Drive

  1. On your browser, navigate to Google Drive. Ensure you’re logged in to your Google account.
    open google drive
  2. In Google Drive’s interface, locate the ‘+ New’ button on the left side.
    click icon plus
  3. A drop-down menu will appear. Select ‘File Upload.’
    select file upload to google drive
  4. Navigate to where you saved the pptx file. Drag and drop the PowerPoint presentation file or select it manually.
    uploading file presentation process

    upload presentation complete

Importing to Google Slides

  1. Once the ppt file is uploaded, right-click on it within Google Drive.
    your presentation in google drive
  2. Hover over “Open with” in the context menu.
    clock context menu open with
  3. From the options, select “Google Slides.” This action will import the PowerPoint presentation into Google Slides.
    select google slides option
  4. The presentation file will now open in Google Slides editor, just like any other Google Slides presentation. You can edit, share, and present it as needed.
    now your keynote presentation work in google slides

Voila! Through this simple procedure, you’ve successfully converted your Apple Keynote presentation to Google Slides using the PowerPoint format as a bridge.

Note: If you encounter any issues with the formatting or if certain elements don’t transfer over, you might want to consider using online tools like “CloudConvert” for an automatic conversion. Just ensure you select “save output files to Google Drive” when using CloudConvert to have an easy transition to Google Slides.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Converting Keynote to Google Slides

Converting presentations from one platform to another can sometimes be a bumpy ride. While the easiest way to transition from Keynote to Google Slides is the method outlined above, you might encounter some issues along the way. Let’s delve deeper into some common challenges and how to address them.

Missing Elements or Animations

Issue: After you open the Google Slides presentation, you might notice that certain animations or elements that were present in your Keynote presentation are missing.

Reason: Some animations or design elements are exclusive to the Keynote operating system and might not have a direct counterpart in Google Slides.


  • Manually add or adjust these elements in Google Slides.
  • Alternatively, consider using a template in Google Slides that closely matches your original design.
  • If animations are crucial, you might want to convert the Keynote presentation to a pdf file or video format and then upload the Keynote in that format to Google Drive. While this won’t allow for editing, it ensures your audience sees the presentation as intended.

Font and Formatting Discrepancies

Issue: Once you open the keynote file in Google Slides, you might find that the fonts look different or some formatting seems off.

Reason: Not all fonts available in Keynote are present in Google Slides, especially if they’re specific to iOS or iPad devices.


  • Double-check your presentation in Google Slides.
  • Replace any missing fonts with those available in Google Slides. Remember to maintain consistency throughout the presentation.
  • If you’ve used a unique font that’s crucial to your presentation’s design, consider converting the text with that font into images in Keynote before the file conversion. This way, the font style is preserved, albeit as an image.

Using CloudConvert for Troublesome Files

Issue: Despite following the steps, the Keynote file to Google Slides conversion isn’t as smooth as you’d hoped.


  • Navigate to Google’s “CloudConvert” service.
  • Upload the Keynote presentation.
  • On the conversion page, select “PowerPoint” (ppt or pptx) as the output format.
  • Ensure you tick the option to “save output files to Google Drive.”
  • Click “convert.” Once the converted file is in your Google Drive, you can open the Google Slides presentation and edit as needed.

Note: Always understand the process and test your presentation on the platform you’ll be presenting on. This ensures that your audience gets the best experience, regardless of the method to convert Keynote presentations you choose.

Converting a Keynote presentation to Google Slides is a straightforward process, especially when you’re prepared. With this tutorial, you’re now equipped to share and collaborate on your presentations with a wider audience. Happy presenting!


Can I convert Google Slides back to Keynote?

Yes, Google Slides allows you to download presentations as Keynote files.

Will all my animations transfer over?

Not always. Some Keynote-specific animations might not be available in Google Slides.

Is there a file size limit for uploading to Google Drive?

Yes, but it’s quite generous. Most presentations should upload without issues.

Can I edit my presentation in Google Slides after converting?

Absolutely! You can edit, share, and present as you would with any Google Slides presentation.

Is the quality of images and graphics preserved during conversion?

Generally, yes. However, always double-check after converting to ensure everything looks as intended.

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