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How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

PDF (Portable Document Format) and PowerPoint are common file formats used for sharing documents and presentations. PDFs are great for distributing read-only documents that preserve original formatting. PowerPoint is presentation software allowing you to create animated slideshows.

You may want to convert PDF to PowerPoint to:

  • Edit PDF contents in PowerPoint
  • Present information as a slideshow
  • Reuse and repurpose content flexibly

Convert PDF to PowerPoint with Adobe Acrobat (best way)

Adobe Acrobat provides an easy way to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint, retaining original formatting:

  1. Open the PDF document in Acrobat. Click “Export PDF” in the right pane to convert it.
    open pdf file in adobe acrobat top menu

    your pdf presentation now open
  2. Select “Microsoft PowerPoint” as the export format to change the PDF into a PPT file.
    in top menu choose file export pdf and microsoft powerpoint
  3. Click “Export” to convert the PDF. Adjust settings if needed for your PDF to PPT slides conversion.
    process convert pdf to pptx powerpoint
  4. Save the PowerPoint presentation when prompted. The PDF is now converted to a PPTX file.
    ready powerpoint file

Tips for Customizing Your PDF to PowerPoint Conversion

  • Convert all pages of the PDF document with “Convert Multipage File” to turn it into a PowerPoint.
    sidebar adobe acrobat with settings
  • Improve text flow with “Activate Accessibility and Reflow” when you convert the PDF to PowerPoint.
  • Add annotations as speaker notes using “Convert Markups to Notes” when you change the PDF into a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Adjust image compression/resolution if required for your PDF to PPT conversion.
  • Tweak advanced settings like font embedding when you convert the PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation.

Acrobat’s built-in PDF to PowerPoint converter easily turns PDFs into PowerPoints, preserving original look and feel.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint with Microsoft PowerPoint

This feature is only available in some versions of PowerPoint. The feature is not available for users of Microsoft PowerPoint 365 online and PowerPoint for Mac. Recent PowerPoint versions have a PDF conversion tool to directly open and convert PDF to PPTX:

  1. In PowerPoint, go to “File” > “Open” to convert a PDF.
  2. Select the PDF you want to convert.
  3. PowerPoint automatically converts the PDF to an editable presentation.
  4. Save the presentation as a PPTX file when finished converting the PDF.

Tips for Best Results Converting PDF to PowerPoint

  • Use PowerPoint 2016 or later for built-in PDF conversion. Older versions need add-ins.
  • Check fonts, images, layouts imported correctly after converting PDF files into PPTX files.
  • For better text flow, select text boxes and click “Convert to Text” when converting PDF to PowerPoint.
  • Reformat or export complex graphics separately from the PDF if needed.
  • Review and edit master slides, themes, styles after PDF to PowerPoint slides conversion if required.

PowerPoint’s native PDF to PPT conversion tool simplifies directly opening and converting PDFs to PPTX.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint with Third-Party Software

Here’s an overview of third-party PDF to PowerPoint converters:

Popular Options for Turn Your PDF to PPT

  • PDFelement PDF tool – Accurately retains formatting, images, fonts when converting PDF to PowerPoint.
  • Able2Extract PDF Converter – Batch convert multiple PDFs to PPTX while maintaining layouts.
  • TalkHelper PDF to PPT Converter – Fast convert pdf to PowerPoint online converter for Windows, user-friendly.
  • Convertio – Online multifunctional file converter.

Instructions for Converting PDF to PPT with PDFelement

  1. Open PDFelement, click “To PowerPoint” to convert PDF.
    PDFelement tool for convert pdf to pptx
  2. Select the PDF you want to convert, click “Open”.
  3. PDFelement converts the PDF to an editable PPTX file.
  4. Customize settings before exporting your PDF to PowerPoint conversion if required.
  5. Save the PowerPoint when your PDF to PPT conversion is complete.

Instructions for Converting PDF to PowerPoint with Able2Extract

  1. Select “PDF to PowerPoint” and upload your PDF you want to convert.
    Able2Extract tool to convert pdf to powerpoint
  2. Able2Extract automatically converts PDF to PowerPoint.
  3. Optionally adjust settings like slide layout, image resolution when converting PDF to PPT.
  4. Click “Convert Now” and save the output PowerPoint file after convert PDF to PowerPoint file conversion.

Third-party converters provide advanced functionality for accurate PDF to PPT converter tool retaining formatting.

Instructions for Converting PDF to PPT or PPTX with Convertio

Convertio is a free, simple, multifunctional online service that can convert different file formats. It is one of the few that can convert PDF files to presentation files with almost no errors.Convertio is a free, simple, multifunctional online service that can convert different file formats. It is one of the few that can convert PDF into PowerPoint presentation files with almost no errors.

  1. Open the website and upload your PDF file.
    convertion online tool
  2. In the drop-down list find the file format you want to get. You can select PPT or PPTX. I recommend PPTX as it usually contains fewer errors.
    choose format pptx or ppt
  3. Click on the “Convert” button.
    converting procerss start
  4. Usually the process takes 1 to 5 minutes. Do not close the browser window until the conversion process is complete.
    process converting pdf to powerpoint-in convertion online tool
  5. Download your presentation.
    ready to download presentation file

Be sure to check your presentation after convert a pdf to powerpoint. The most common errors will be in the interpretation of fonts, especially if you used non-standard fonts, and also in tables.

Best Practices for Converting PDF to PowerPoint

Here are some tips for smoothly converting PDF to PowerPoint with optimal quality:

  • Use text-based rather than scanned PDFs for best text flow when converting PDF files.
  • Simplify complex PDFs by removing unnecessary images/content first before converting.
  • Verify special formatting like columns, tables, headings is retained in PowerPoint after PDF to PPT conversion.
  • Extract detailed graphics separately before converting if needed.
  • After conversion, check fonts, layouts, images and formatting converted properly.
  • For scanned/image PDFs, use OCR first to make text searchable/editable before converting.
  • Expect some formatting loss with very complex PDF to PowerPoint conversion.
  • Remove and rebuild animations/transitions if needed after conversion.
  • Review and adjust slide master, theme, styles for consistency with original formatting if required after PDF to PPT or PPTX conversion.
  • Ensure notes, comments, multimedia from PDF are in the PowerPoint file after conversion.

Avoiding pitfalls and checking the converted file helps accurately convert PDF content into PowerPoint.


The main PDF to PowerPoint online and offline conversion options covered were:

  • Online converters – quick and easy but limited functionality.
  • Desktop tools like Acrobat and PowerPoint – simple but may lack advanced customization.
  • Third-party apps – enable maximum quality retention but are paid.

The optimal solution depends on your specific needs. For occasional use, free online tools work. For regular high-quality conversion, desktop or third-party software is recommended.

When converting, check formatting of text, images, tables, vectors. Simplify complex PDFs and extract graphics if required. Follow best practices to ensure the PowerPoint file accurately represents the original PDF content.

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