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How to make a picture transparent in Google Slides?

When developing a presentation that displays skill, the design is one of the many things to consider. Anyone can make a textbox, add the information needed for the presentation, and add some clipart for color. However, taking a step further into design could mean all the difference in how people perceive your project.

One of these aspects of design is the image adjustments you choose to use. In Google Slides, you can change the brightness, contrast, and transparency of an image. With this basic tutorial, you’ll learn how to change a picture’s transparency in your Google Slides.

Changing the transparency of an image

  1. First, you need to decide which image in your presentation you want to alter.
  2. Once you’ve decided which image you want to change the transparency to, you click on the image.
  3. Then, go up to the toolbar and over to the option labeled “Format options.” 
Setup picture format

4. Under the “Format option,” go down to the sub-option “Adjustments.”

Adjustments pictures in Google slides

5. With the transparency slide bar, you can slide to the right to make the picture more transparent and slide to the left to make the image more solid again. 

Make a picture transparent in Google slides

Changing multiple images

There are two ways to change the transparency of two or more images. The simplest way to change multiple images would be to repeat the previously listed steps for each picture you wish to alter. Another way to do this would be to group the pictures on the same slide before changing the transparency.

The steps to group images on a single slide are as followed:

  1. Hold the shift key and click on the images you wish to group.
Group pictures in Google slides

2. Click on the “Arrange” option on your toolbar.

3. Go down to the “Group” option under “Arrange. This option will group the selected images.

Once you’ve grouped the desired images within a slide, you can follow the above steps to make a single image transparent, except it will simultaneously change the selected images’ transparency. 

Setup picture format in Google slides
Make 2 and more pictures transparent in Google slides

Remember that you can only group images within the same slide, so you’ll still have to repeat the transparency steps for each group of images

How to enhance your design with transparent images

Changing the design of a picture in Google Slides, in the way of adjusting the transparency, will enhance your project in ways that will further attract viewers’ attention.

With transparent images, you can easily overlap the more visible pictures with ones more transparent. You can also overlap textboxes and shapes with these transparent images within your slide’s design.

Another possibility with transparent pictures is enhancing the size and placement to make the picture the slide’s background. The more transparent the image, the greater the opportunity is to blend images in the slide with the chosen background.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started in enhancing your Google Slides design using the skill of altering the transparency of pictures.

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