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How to open Google Slides in Android?

If you want to create a presentation, there are a range of options from which you might want to choose. However, one of the most popular is Google Slides. This program is designed to work with a variety of Google products, including Android phones. Let’s take a closer look at Google Slides for Android works.

Open Google Slides in Android

  1. Downloading the App. Before you can start opening and editing your presentations, you will have to make sure that you’ve downloaded the app. If it doesn’t come pre-installed, you will have to go to the Google Play store. There, you will need to search for Google Slides. Once you’ve found it, there will be a green Install button. Clicking on this will add this app to your device. Now you’re ready to start using Google Slides Android.
Google slides app for Android

2. Opening a File from Google Drive. If you’ve saved your file on Google Drive, you will be able to open and edit it from anywhere in the world. If you want to open it, you will need to open the Google Drive app. Next, you will have to locate the file. When you are doing this, you have two options. If you know the name of the file, you can search for it. When you do this, it will bring up all the documents that share that name, allowing you to find the right one. The second option is to use the Presentations section, and look through all the presentation files until you find the right one.

Opening a File from Google Drive

3. Once you’ve found the correct file, you will have to double click on it. When you do so, it will cause the file to open. You will then be able to edit Google Slides on Android.

Find Google slides files

4. Adding Files to Google Drive. If your file isn’t on Google Drive, you might want to consider adding it. Doing this will make it easier to find and open. You can do so by clicking on the New button. Then, you will need to select the File upload option. From there, you will be able to search through the files on your computer. When you locate the one you want, select the Open option. Choosing Open will add the file to Google Drive. Once you’ve added the file to Google Drive, you will be able to find and open it using the method we described above.

Adding Files to Google Drive

5. Opening from Google Slides. Alternatively, you might want to learn how to open the file from Google Slides. To do this, go to File in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the File option to create a drop-down menu. At the top of the list, you will notice an option marked Open. By clicking on this, you will be able to go through your documents to find the file that you want to use. You can also choose to use the Upload tab to transfer documents from your computer onto Google Drive.

Opening from Google Slides


Google Slides is a popular way for Android users to create presentations. To make it easier to use, we looked at how you can download this app and edit Google Slides on Android. So, now you will be able to make an excellent presentation using this tool.

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