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How to rotate text, objects, and images in PowerPoint?

One of the important things about creating a presentation through PowerPoint is the design. Anyone can type out the information they need in their PowerPoint slides, but it shows skill and thoughtfulness to develop a unique design.

There are a lot of different skills that can add to the design of a PowerPoint presentation. Some of these skills in PowerPoint include rotating the text, objects, and images in the slides. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do all three of these skills.

Rotating text

Though it may seem odd to rotate the direction the text of your presentation goes, it’s a unique way to change your slides’ design layout. People often change the direction the words on their PowerPoint go when giving their slides a quirky, different style.

Here are the steps to rotating the direction of text on a slide:

  1. First, right-click on the text box.
  2. When the shortcut menu appears, select the option “Format Shape”. 
Open Format shape menu

3. Once you’re under Format Shape, click “Size/Layout & Properties”.

4. When the menu appears, you’ll want to go under the “Text Box” section of the menu. 

Click section Text Options

5. There is a “Text direction” setting under Text Box that offers four options: Horizontal, Rotate 90°, Rotate 270°, and Stacked. 

Change Text direction
Text direction Stacked in PowerPoint

Rotating objects

Rotating or flipping objects in a PowerPoint slide is one of the easiest skills to master. Though there are a couple of different ways to do this, here are the steps to the simplest way to get the task done:

  1. Start by selecting the object you want to flip.
  2. Then you can drag the corners to the desired side to rotate the object.
  3. To flip the object, go up the “Drawing Tools” in the toolbar.
  4. Under “Rotate,” you can choose “Flip Vertical” or “Flip Horizontal.” 
Rotate object in PowerPoint
Mirror an Object in PowerPoint

Rotating images

There are a couple of different ways to rotate an image. The easiest way would be to do what you do with an object. By simply selecting the desired image and dragging the corners, you can rotate the image as desired. You can also follow these precise steps:

  1. Select the image.
  2. Go to the “Picture Tools Format.”
  3. Once you’re under the correct menu, go over to the “Arrange” section.
  4. Under “Arrange,” there is a “Rotate” option.
  5. The options under “Rotate” are the same options given for rotating an object. 
Mirror an Image in PowerPoint


The skills in PowerPoint of rotating text, images, and objects are easy enough to understand and master, yet they can significantly impact your slides’ design. Understanding how to utilize this skillset can also help with rotating other aspects of your PowerPoint, such as turning inserted videos. After reading this tutorial, you should be able to utilize and perform these skills.

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