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How to See Speaker Notes on Google Slides App?

Have you ever been caught in the middle of a presentation, palms sweaty, heart racing, because you forgot your next point? We’ve all been there. This is where the Google Slides app and its ‘speaker notes’ feature come in handy. Let’s dive into how you can access this lifesaver.

Full Guide How to See Speaker Notes on Google Slides App

Before embarking on this journey to masterfully access your speaker notes while presenting on your phone, tablet, or iPad, there’s a crucial preliminary step to consider. This step ensures that you experience the 2023 optimized Google Slides experience.

  • Step 1: Update Before You Navigate Ensure your Google Slides application on your mobile device, whether android or iOS, is updated. Head to the Google Play or App Store to check for updates and install if necessary. A recent update guarantees compatibility and introduces new features, making this guide even more valuable.
    update google slides app in your smartphone
  • Step 2: Open The Application Launch the Google Slides mobile app. Remember, Google Slides is a versatile tool, so ensure you’re opening the Google Slides and not a different presentation app, like PowerPoint.
    google slides add
  • Step 3: Locate Your Presentation Once you open the presentation library, find and click on the document you wish to present. If you’ve prepared multiple presentation slides or presentation templates for different events, ensure you select the correct one.
    find your presentation
  • Step 4: Navigate to the Desired Slide As you look through your presentation, tap on the slide you want to talk about or the one you’ve prepared speaker notes for.
    choose needed slide with note
  • Step 5: Access Speaker Notes Now, here’s where the magic happens! On the upper right, next to the slide number, you should see a ‘speaker’ icon. Tap on that. 
    click to top menu
    On some devices, especially on iPad or iPhone, you might need to touch the notes icon next to the slide number to access your speaker notes within the app.
    turn on speaker notes

    new you can see all speaker notes

Remember! If you want a presenter view option with two screens (one for your notes and one for the actual slide), you might want to connect your device to a digital display or use platforms like Google Meet. It allows you to have speaker notes while presenting on one screen and the actual slide on the other.


Can I edit speaker notes on the Google Slides app?

Yes, you can add or modify speaker notes using the app.

Do my audience see the speaker notes during the presentation?

No, speaker notes are only visible to the presenter.

Is the speaker notes feature available on other presentation apps?

Yes, most modern presentation software has a similar feature.

Can I print my speaker notes from the app?

While you can view them on the app, for printing, it’s best to use the desktop version.

Are speaker notes backed up on Google Drive?

Absolutely! Everything on Google Slides gets backed up on your Google Drive.

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