Instruction for using “The Ultimate Business Pack” + 20 Premium Color schemes

The “Ultimate Business PowerPoint Templates Pack” is a regularly updated collection of fully compatible presentation templates. Multipurpose PowerPoint templates can be used in different spheres of business and marketing as they include a variety of analytics slides, infographics, sociology, statistics, and dashboards.

An important feature of MS PowerPoint Ultimate Templates is the full compatibility: color schemes used, font styles, design style, etc. This means that you can combine the slides you need and design your presentation according to your goals and needs. In this post I will explain in detail the features of working with “The Ultimate Business Pack”.

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Custom theme font PowerPoint and support default fonts

These professional templates use the PowerPoint default font “Calibri” which is installed on all MS Office computers (Windows, Mac). This is important because it allows you to work with the presentation template without any extra steps. You do not need to download and install fonts.

It also guarantees that your presentation will display correctly and without errors on any computer of any user. This fact is especially important when there are several people working on the presentation.

The “Ultimate Business Templates Pack” supports the theme fonts tool: you can change font in PowerPoint with one click.

How to change theme fonts in PowerPoint?

  1. To set a default font in PowerPoint using theme fonts, on the top menu, go to the “Design” > “Fonts” tab.
  2. Select the needed theme font.
  3. PowerPoint will then change the font on all slides. 


    Change theme fonts in PowerPoint

    Change theme fonts in PowerPoint

Note: Fonts have different proportions, so after you change the styles, be sure to check your presentation for correct display. For example, using “wide” fonts, can cause word breaks in headlines.

Good fonts for PowerPoint

You can also use fonts that are not standard or your own branded fonts. You will need to have font files installed on your computer before you do this.


How to install a font on your Windows PC? 

How to install a font on your MAC? 

I recommend using the fonts available in the Google fonts collection, such as Roboto, PT Sans, and Lato. These are good fonts for PowerPoint because they have a variety of styles, high quality development, and are supported by many languages.

Use “Edit” > “Find” > “Replace fonts” to click replace fonts all at once throughout your presentation.


Supports Primary colors PowerPoint schemes, 20 premium schemes and custom colors

Ultimate Business PowerPoint templates use the standard color theme customization tool. That means you can change colors in the entire presentation at once using PowerPoint’s primary color scheme, premium colors from HiSlide, or your own color palette.

PowerPoint primary color scheme

PowerPoint primary color scheme

How do I change color scheme PowerPoint using primary colors?

  1. Using the top menu, go to the “Design” > “Colors” tab.
  2. Select the needed color scheme from the choices.
  3. The colors will be changed on all the slides in your presentation.


Install and use PowerPoint color themes from HiSlide

You can download 20 free premium color themes by HiSlide that are fully compatible with “Ultimate Business templates” and all MS Office primary colors.

PowerPoint color themes by HiSlide:

PowerPoint free color themes by HiSlide

download now colour schemes


Instructions on how to install and use the color schemes: 

How to set color themes (XML) in PowerPoint (Windows)?

How to set color themes (XML) in PowerPoint (MAC)?

How to change a color scheme of the presentation to a different preinstalled color scheme? 

Customize your own color scheme in PowerPoint

This multipurpose PPT template supports customizing your own color scheme.


How to change your presentation colors to the colors of your brand? 


How to use charts in PowerPoint?

All presentation slides support updated charts in PowerPoint with Excel. It’s an easy way to make changes and create graphs in PowerPoint for beginners with no special skills. It is also easy to customize and change the color palette. 

updated charts in PowerPoint with Excel

updated charts in PowerPoint with Excel


PowerPoint: Changing the data in charts, diagrams 

PowerPoint: Changing the color of charts, diagrams 


Using shapes in PowerPoint and customizing infographics

Ultimate Business PowerPoint templates use infographics and shapes created with built-in tools. This means you don’t need any additional software to edit these objects. Change the size, shape, color, and position in the PPT workspace.


PowerPoint: Vector elements: infographics, icons, illustrations 


“Ultimate Business Template Pack” compatibility with MS Office PowerPoint

The template supports all modern versions since 2007, including PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 365, new, and the web version of MS PowerPoint.

Using PPT templates in the web version of PowerPoint has some limits: you won’t be able to use color themes by HiSlide, and you won’t be able to install additional fonts. But you will be able to use the standard font and customize the color scheme to your own colors.


PowerPoint help line by HiSlide

You can find instructions, tutorials, examples, and PowerPoint helpful tips in the knowledge base. The base is updated with new materials and articles every week.

Go to the PowerPoint knowledge base >

If you have not found an answer or need quick help with a problem, please contact our Microsoft PowerPoint helper via the feedback form in the “Support” section.

All messages are processed within 24 hours, no weekends or holidays.

I hope that the “Ultimate Business Template Pack” will be your reliable and useful assistant in creating presentations and reports. Please feel free to contact support if you have any questions or need help.

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