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Keynote: How to change contact information, links and logo on all slides

1. Open master slides for editing. In the top menu select “View” > “Edit Master Slides”.

Edit Master Slides in Keynote

2. In the sidebar you will see all master slides available for use in your presentation. Choose the master slide that uses logo, link or information you would like to change. You can a change text information as a regular text block. Remove the default logo of the presentation and insert your own by dragging it from the folder to master slide working area. To add or change link, right-click on the element, in the pop-up menu select “Add Link”/ “Edit Link”.

Add link

In the pop-up window enter the link to your website/e-mail (“Link to: Web page or email”) or select the internal redirect through the presentation (“Next slide”, “First slide”, “# slide”…). You can also remove the link by selecting the “Remove” button.

Choose Slide


  1. Bryce Furneaux

    I truly appreciate using Keynote. To me, it feels more user-friendly than PowerPoint. 👍

  2. I really enjoy working with Keynote. In my opinion, it’s much more convenient than PowerPoint and Google Slides. It’s a pity it’s only available for Mac.

  3. Willie Burnell

    How can one ensure that the changes made to the master slide don’t inadvertently alter the design or layout of individual slides within the presentation?

    1. When making changes to the master slide, it’s crucial to preview individual slides to ensure the design and layout remain consistent. If you notice any discrepancies, you can adjust the master slide or the individual slide elements as needed. Additionally, always keep a backup of your original presentation before making significant changes to the master slide to easily revert if necessary.

  4. Can I add a link to a YouTube video?

    1. Sure! Just copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it into the “Link to: Web page or email” field.

  5. Samira Genovese

    What should I do if I can’t see my logo after dragging it onto a master slide?

    1. Make sure your logo is in a supported format and it is not ” covered” by other elements on the slide. Try moving it to the front of the slide.

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