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Keynote: Changing colors in the charts and graphs

You can change the color of your charts, graphs, or individual segments. Actually the change of the color or alignment happens in the same way as for vector shapes (for details see “Vector elements: infographics, illustrations, maps”), but there is an additional opportunity to “hide” a part of the segments and elements by setting “no fill” for them.

In addition, you can once specify the appearance of the graph and save this style. Subsequently, in just a one click you can use a saved style to graph of your presentation. To do this:

1. Select a graph with a style customized for your choice (font size and color).
2. In the sidebar select “Format” > “Chart” > “Chart Styles”. Select the empty field with the arrows and click on “+” symbol. You’ll see a thumbnail of your saved style in this field.

Change colours in Keynote charts

3. To apply a style to the graph highlight it and select the style you’ve saved before in the “Chart Styles” field.

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