Keynote: Exporting slides in PNG, JPG, TIFF

You can save the slides as images in PNG, TIFF or JPG. In the top menu select “File” > “Export to” > “Images…” Select the required format in a pop-up window and specify the range of slides that you want to save as images. If you want to save all the slides, check the point “ALL”. Press “Next…”.

In the opened window select the folder where you want to save the images. Set the default name for the slide. During the export, KeyNote will automatically add the sequence number to this name.

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  • Makayla

    Everytime I try exporting something from Keynote as a PNG it comes back as a JPEG. How can I make it export PNG specifically?

  • LeeDee

    When I export a title slide with text as a jpg, it exports all but the text. What am I doing wrong?

    • Максим Руденко

      Good afternoon! Check if your title is set as Placeholder in the master slide. Then it will be displayed in the content slide but will not be visible when exporting or printing. It is easy to check: click on the title with the mouse, if the content disappears and the cursor appears, then the text is typed in the master slide.

  • fatih

    hi, everytime I export a slide on keynote, it creates a new folder with the jpeg file in on desktop instead of just the file on desktop. can i change it?

    • Максим Руденко

      Hi! Yes, this is a feature of Keynote. You can't change that.

  • April s Scott

    how do you change the pixels? Say width 800 height 200??

    • Максим Руденко

      Hello! By default, images of the size of your slide are generated. You can change the size of the slides and then the generated images will also be generated in the desired size. To do this, select "Document"in the sidebar. Next, the "Document" tab > "Slide Size" > " Custom Slide Size...". In the window that opens, set the desired dimensions.

  • Rey

    Very helpful, thanks.

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