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Keynote: Inserting and editing photos – Drag & Drop function

For inserting photos and illustrations in KeyNote has a “Drag & Drop” function. Just drag and drop a photo or illustration from the folder to the desired block or slide. Any vector shape created using tools in KeyNote can serve as a mask for a bitmap image. If the vector shape you want to add an image to is grouped with other objects, then before dragging the image you need to highlight the shape with a mouse. Mask that will be used for the image highlights in blue frame while dragging. This will help you to accurately determine exactly the mask you want to use. After you insert an image into a form, you can edit its position and scale. After completing the changes, press “Done” button under the mask. Note: you can always return to the image correction mode of the image by double-clicking on the vector mask that you use.

To replace the image, right-click on the vector mask and select the “Replace Image” option in the dropdown menu. In the pop-up window locate the image you want to use.

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