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Keynote: How to use iconic fonts?

Using iconic fonts in your presentation ensures high quality displaying of these icons on Retina displays and in print. Such icons are easy to scale without loss of quality, to change color in a couple of clicks, to copy and to paste. But you should pay attention to a few features.

  1. Iconic font is first and foremost a font. Therefore, in order to start using it you need to download and install the font files. For details on installing fonts, read the section “How to install a font on a MAC”Note: be sure to restart KeyNote to complete the installation of the font.
  2. To change the size and color of the icons, use regular tools for working with fonts.
  3. In presentations that use iconic fonts all the icons are on the separate slides for your convenience. You can highlight with the cursor, copy and paste the icons you need to any slides of your presentation.
  4. Unfortunately, KeyNote for iPad/iPhone does not allow to install custom fonts. Therefore, you can’t install the iconic font and use it in the presentation.
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