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Making a pyramid on PowerPoint (guide)

You may know how to customize and develop a simple PowerPoint presentation for any project need. However, what would make your display stand out, over all the basic models, would be specific design techniques available with PowerPoint.

One of these design techniques that will be sure to make your presentation pop is adding a pyramid. By knowing how to add a pyramid in PowerPoint, you’ll be not only able to restructure your slides in a new and eye-catching way but also add visual appeal.

By reading through these three basic steps, you’ll know how to make a pyramid in PowerPoint.

Inserting the pyramid

To begin inserting your pyramid into a PowerPoint presentation, click on the insert tab at the top of your screen. Then you select the ‘SmartArt’ subtab.

Add Smart Pyramid in PowerPoint

Under the ‘SmartArt’ tab, you can scroll down to an option under ‘hierarchy’ labeled ‘basic pyramid.’ To add a basic 2D pyramid to your PowerPoint, click on this option—you’ll learn how to make a 3D triangle later on in this tutorial.

Add smart pyramid and change text

Designing your pyramid

Now that you have the pyramid inside your PowerPoint, you essentially know how to make a pyramid on PowerPoint. Your next step is to format and design the pyramid to adjust this new feature to meet your project’s needs.

To change your pyramid’s format, simply right click on your mousepad and choose the ‘format options’ tab. Under this option, you can change the shape—width/length—and the text layout within your pyramid.  

Change colour pyramid PowerPoint
Submenu and text pyramid
Add new pyramid section

You can also easily change the color and style by right-clicking or going to the top ‘Design’ bar on the top of your screen. Aren’t much of a design extraordinaire? They even have suggested color pallets that show which colors accent each other best.

Linking slides to the pyramid levels

Finally, once your pyramid is a part of your PowerPoint and designed to your liking, it’s time to link the pyramid’s levels to their coinciding slides.

Before linking the slides, make sure you have an extra slide to accommodate each level of your pyramid (i.e., three pyramid levels = three additional slides).

Once you’ve decided which slide you will assign to which level, you simply click the ‘insert’ tab, the ‘Action’ tab under that, and ‘Mouse Over.’ Once you’ve chosen ‘Mouse over,’ you click ‘hyperlink to’ and simply select the proper slide.

Top-notch design: how to make your pyramid 3D?

Learning how to make a 3D pyramid on PowerPoint is just the edge you need to make your presentation pop. To do this, simply click ‘Format shape,’ then move to ‘effects,’ and finally just choose the 3D format option available.

Make 3D pyramid on PowerPoint

Taking on your project

Perhaps a basic PowerPoint is all you need to get the job done. However, adding a pyramid into the mix leaves a memorable and unique quality to the presentation. With this step-by-step, you can now add the perfect pyramid to your project.

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