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Action Plan Brainstorming Full Guide

Brainstorming: Harnessing the Power of Collective Ideas

Ever hit a mental block? Brainstorming is like a group therapy session for such challenges. By bringing individuals together, it unlocks a treasure trove of ideas, turning a difficult problem into a multitude of creative solutions. It’s where collective thinking outshines solitary pondering. Delving into its history, brainstorming isn’t a modern-day marvel. It was Alex […]

How to add animations and transitions in PowerPoint?

When giving a presentation, you want to make sure that you capture your audience’s attention. One of the best ways of doing this is by using animations and slide transitions. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can incorporate these elements into your PowerPoint presentation. How to add animation in PowerPoint? Let’s start […]

how to insert hyperlink in powerpoint

How to Insert a Hyperlink in PowerPoint Presentation

Inserting hyperlinks in PowerPoint presentations can make them more engaging and interactive. Hyperlinks allow you to connect your slides to other slides within the presentation, link to external documents or websites, open emails, and more. With just a few clicks, you can add clickable links to take your audience exactly where you want them to […]


How to add a bullet or numbered list in PowerPoint?

Using lists is one of the best ways to present lots of information in a concise, easy-to-understand way. Lists will ensure that your presentations can be informative without boring your audience or inducing information overload. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can use a bullet point PowerPoint. Adding bullet points to PowerPoint […]


Read about some of the most common mistakes made in presentations

We’ve all sat through presentations that are far from motivating.  They are dull, provide little to no valuable information, and are just a waste of time. Now, think about that rare presentation that not only inspired you but stirred you into taking action.  I’m sure you even asked yourself why you couldn’t make a presentation […]


Discover great thoughts from Steve Jobs for your next presentations

The late great Steve Jobs is still considered one of the greatest marketers of all time.  There are many excellent speakers that have been around for a very long time but very few even come close to Steve Jobs’ brilliance. We have spent years covering many marketers and their techniques but Jobs’ presentation techniques are […]


How to Save PowerPoint as PDF File?

One of the best tools to use to create a presentation is PowerPoint. However, it can sometimes be difficult to share these slides with other people, especially if they don’t have PowerPoint installed on their computers. However, you can get around this by sending people a PDF version of the presentation, which will allow them […]


How to Print PowerPoint Slides?

One of the best parts of using a service like PowerPoint is the range of print options available, which ensures that you will be able to customize it to suit your needs, helping you give a compelling presentation. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different printing options and how they work. Accessing […]


How to change slide orientation in PowerPoint?

In the frameworks of this article, we’ll discuss how to change the slide’s size and orientation PowerPoint template. The need to change the size of the slide in PowerPoint can arise for several reasons: the need to print the presentation; the technical requirements of the equipment (for example, the projector); the requirements for the submission […]


Keynote: Working with vector maps

Vector maps are created by integrated vector KeyNote tools. For more information about using all the features see “Vector elements: infographics, illustrations, maps.” Besides the standard features you can highlight certain regions or group of regions in vector maps by setting colors. You can also use vector maps of certain regions only by removing any […]