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Keynote: Exporting slides in PNG, JPG, TIFF

You can save the slides as images in PNG, TIFF or JPG. In the top menu select “File” > “Export to” > “Images…” Select the required format in a pop-up window and specify the range of slides that you want to save as images. If you want to save all the slides, check the point […]


Keynote: Changing colors in the charts and graphs

You can change the color of your charts, graphs, or individual segments. Actually the change of the color or alignment happens in the same way as for vector shapes (for details see “Vector elements: infographics, illustrations, maps”), but there is an additional opportunity to “hide” a part of the segments and elements by setting “no […]

Add Edit and Delete Charts and Graphs in Keynote on MAC

Add, Edit and Delete Charts and Graphs in Keynote on MAC

In the world of data visualization, charts and graphs are essential, converting intricate data into understandable insights. Keynote, Apple’s leading presentation software, is favored by many for its sleek design and user-friendly features. With Keynote, charts not only convey information but also engage and inspire the audience. Create Chart or Graph in Keynote on Mac […]


Keynote: Inserting and editing photos – Drag & Drop function

For inserting photos and illustrations in KeyNote has a “Drag & Drop” function. Just drag and drop a photo or illustration from the folder to the desired block or slide. Any vector shape created using tools in KeyNote can serve as a mask for a bitmap image. If the vector shape you want to add […]


Keynote: How to use iconic fonts?

Using iconic fonts in your presentation ensures high quality displaying of these icons on Retina displays and in print. Such icons are easy to scale without loss of quality, to change color in a couple of clicks, to copy and to paste. But you should pay attention to a few features. Iconic font is first […]

how to work with keynote graphics and vector shapes

How to Work with Keynote Graphics and Vector Shapes?

In the evolving realm of digital presentations, mastering Keynote graphics and vector shapes is essential for professionals across sectors. For both graphic designers and business leaders, adeptly navigating vector graphics within Apple Keynote MacOS can significantly elevate the caliber of their presentations. Let’s explore the nuances of working with these elements. Understanding Keynote Vector Graphics Keynote […]


Keynote: How to work with content slides?

Why is our presentation based on content slides, and not the master slides? 1. Content slides immediately display a slide filled with information and data. This is useful, since you can see in advance how the slide will look when filled. 2. Using master slides is available by inserting master slide template into the working […]


Keynote: What filling options can be used for the elements?

You can apply several filling options to any vector element in KeyNote. To make the list of options available you will need to: click on “Format” button in the top menu, select a vector element with left-click, you will see new sidebar where you have to select “Style” tab. The selected item is marked with […]


Keynote: How to change colors in the presentation?

Unfortunately in Keynote there is no feature to apply the color scheme to all the elements and slides in the presentation at once. Therefore, changing the color of your presentation is quite a laborious process since you have to manually change the color of each element. My presentation are implemented using vector shapes, illustrations, diagrams […]


Keynote: How to work with master slides?

Information: Master slides are responsible for the look of your presentation. Master slides are useful for quick editing of the basic elements that are repeated throughout your presentation. For example, logo, font, or the location of the basic links to social networks, etc. 1. Open the master slides you need to edit. In the top menu […]