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Keynote: How to change contact information, links and logo on all slides

1. Open master slides for editing. In the top menu select “View” > “Edit Master Slides”. 2. In the sidebar you will see all master slides available for use in your presentation. Choose the master slide that uses logo, link or information you would like to change. You can a change text information as a regular […]


PowerPoint: Working with vector maps

Vector maps in PowerPoint templates Site2MAX were created with built-in PowerPoint vector tools. If you’re interested in all the features, see: “Vector elements: infographics, icons, illustrations”. In addition to the standard features in vector maps you can select individual regions or groups of regions by setting colors. Besides that you can use vector images of particular […]


PowerPoint: Changing the color of charts, diagrams

You can change the color of charts, diagrams or individual segments. In fact, changing the color and outline is the same as for vector shapes (see details here “Vector elements: infographics, icons, illustrations”), but there is an additional opportunity to “hide” a part of the segments and elements by setting no “paint bucket”.


PowerPoint: Changing the data in charts, diagrams

Option 1 Right-click on the chart and diagram to open the context sensitive menu. Select “Edit Data”. You’ll see a table in which you can change the required data, add new data or delete the group of data. Storing data in the table is done automatically, and in the graphical view you can instantaneously see all the data […]


PowerPoint: Replacing inserted photo with another

If you need to replace inserted photo\image with another, right-click on presentation photo to call the context sensitive menu. In the drop-out menu select “Change Picture…”, you’ll see a window where you can choose the new photo.


PowerPoint: Inserting photos – “Drag & Drop” function

“Drag & Drop” function can be used in every slide of your presentation to insert photo or image. Option 1 Open the folder where the required image is located. Drag the image file with a courser directly into the field for inserting an image. Option 2 Click on the active icon in the field for inserting […]


PowerPoint: Vector elements: infographics, icons, illustrations

Information: Built-in vector tools in PowerPoint allow you to create vector objects (graphics, illustrations, infographics, icons, logos, maps) without using any additional graphic apps. A distinctive feature of using the vector elements is the ability to quickly edit a shape, as well as the automatic color change while changing the overall color theme of your presentation, […]


PowerPoint: How to work with content slides?

Why is our presentation based on content slides and not master slides? Content slides immediately display the slide filled with information and data. It is convenient as you can preview how will your slide look like when filled. Using the master slides is possible by inserting the master slide template into the working area. And […]


PowerPoint: How to change your presentation colors to colors of your brand?

1. Call the “Theme Colors” dialog box any way you like (see How to change the color scheme of the presentation to a different preinstalled color scheme). At the bottom of the dialog box select “Customize Colors…” 2. In the opened window “Create New Theme Colors” where you can specify the colors you need. 3. At the […]