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How Much Google Drive Storage Do You Need? A Full Guide

Introduction Google Drive, a household name for cloud storage, has been the go-to choice for many individuals and businesses around the globe. As our digital footprints expand, there arises a pressing question – how much storage space is enough? The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all. It largely depends on individual needs, the nature of files, and how data is managed. So, let’s […]


Google Slides to PDF: A Comprehensive Guide

Ever tried to share your fantastic Google Slides presentation with someone who doesn’t have access to Google tools? Or maybe you’ve wanted to ensure your slides remain in your intended format? Then, converting your Google Slides to PDF file is your best bet! Let’s dive in, shall we? Understanding the Basics What is Google Slides? At its core, Google Slides is Google’s free, web-based software for creating presentations. […]


How to embed a video in PowerPoint?

When creating a presentation, sometimes you need to embed a video in PowerPoint. You can use this functionality in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 and all new versions, including PowerPoint for MAC 2019. To embed a video in PowerPoint, you can use videos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo as well as local video files from your […]

How does PowerPoint make videos play automatically

How Does PowerPoint Make Videos Play Automatically?

In today’s digital age, PowerPoint presentations are more dynamic than ever. Many users want to add videos to their slides to make their content more engaging. But how do you make a video in PowerPoint play automatically? Let’s dive in. Video Tutorial: Mastering Autoplay Videos in PowerPoint Integrating videos seamlessly into your PowerPoint presentations can […]


How to select all slides in PowerPoint and move them?

When working on a presentation, you may need to select all slides in PowerPoint. This function is realized by using “Drag & Drop” actions. The easiest way to do this is with a computer mouse. In what situations might you need this: If you need to change the structure of your presentation and the order […]


How to lock an object, image, or text in PowerPoint?

When working with a presentation, sometimes you may need to use a PowerPoint lock object, lock slide, text, or lock graphic in a specific area of the slide. The locked object cannot be edited, nor can its size and shape, its position on the slide (lock image to a place on PowerPoint or lock an […]


How to create a QR code? [Instruction + Video]

A QR code is an easy way to share a link to your presentation, Facebook group, Youtube channel, or email address while avoiding the need to manually type long URLs. In this post, I’ll tell you how to create a QR code for free and fast. What types of links you can use with QR […]


The benefits of having a “Thank you” slides? [Real use cases]

The “Thank you” slide is the final part of your presentation. The way you finish it will affect the overall impression of your presentation. In this post, I’ll explain in detail why “thank you” slides are needed, how to use them effectively and correctly, and how to create one. How to finish a presentation? All […]


Free web services to record audio narratives content

Recording audio narratives is necessary when creating Google Slides presentations, if you plan to use it in the Internet and if the user would like to hear your comments on the content. It is also a great option for teachers who want to create visual manuals and presentations for their students. It is easier for students to […]


How to use crop image tools in Google Slides?

When someone tackles the design of their Google Slides presentation, they might consider color, layout, and theme. However, other aspects of your project that may be overlooked in the design strategy scheme are image cropping. While image cropping may seem like just another necessity of getting an image to work in your slide, you are […]