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PowerPoint: How to change your contact information, links, logo?

1. Open the presentation. Click on “View” tab in the top toolbar. Select “Slide Master” button.

Slide master mode in PowerPoint

Information: Slide Master is responsible for the look (template) of your presentation. Standard information that is repeated on every slide (for example, logo) is added to the master slide and is automatically broadcasted to all content slides of your presentation. Moreover, editing tools and master slides settings allow you to change or customize a color scheme of the presentation, as well as its background and default fonts.

2. Enter master slide editing mode and select the first slide. Delete the default logo and insert your own. Supported formats include .PNG and .JPG, but firstly we recommend you to paint your logo with integrated vector tools in PowerPoint. This will significantly improve a quality of your logo during the broadcast via the widescreen projectors and during the print of your presentation.

Slide Master mode for correct or add contact information

3. Any contact information can be edited as a plain text.

4. You can change or add links to social networks icons. Just select an icon (image or object) and open the context menu (left-click). In the pop-up menu select “Hyperlink …” Paste an address, link or email in the opened window, in the “Address” field. Click “OK”. You can change any link in a similar way.

5. After making all necessary changes in the top menu, click on the button “Close Master View”.

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