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PowerPoint: Vector elements: infographics, icons, illustrations

Information: Built-in vector tools in PowerPoint allow you to create vector objects (graphics, illustrations, infographics, icons, logos, maps) without using any additional graphic apps. A distinctive feature of using the vector elements is the ability to quickly edit a shape, as well as the automatic color change while changing the overall color theme of your presentation, manual color change in a couple of clicks and the change of object size without loss of quality (which is important during the presentation broadcast via the high-resolution widescreen projectors or during printing).

What can be done with vector shapes (icons, maps, illustrations, infographics)?

  1. Size change. Click on a vector object, you’ll see a “frame” that indicates that object is active. Drag the “frame” marks to change the size of the object. If you want to change the size proportionally, hold down “Shift” key.
  2. Position change. Select the object. Move the mouse cursor to any place within the region of the “frame”. Drag an object by holding the right mouse button.
  3. Copy object. Select the object. In the top toolbar choose “Home” tab. Click on “Copy”. Now select the slide where you want to paste the copy of the object and click on “Paste”. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + C (Copy) and CTRL + V (Paste).
  4. Delete object. Select the required item and press “Delete” key on the keyboard.
  5. Color change. You can manually change a color of vector shapes. To do this, select a shape, click on “Shape Fill” in “Home” tab and choose a color. Attention! The first color line in “Shape Fill” pop-up menu corresponds to the colors of your chosen color theme. If you want that colors of your presentations could be changed automatically in all the slides by choosing the palette, use only offered colors! There are shades of basic colors of the theme under the first line, you can use them as well, but sometimes after changing the color scheme they can give unpredictable results. This also applies to the outline color.
  6. Change outlines. You can apply outlines to any of your vector shapes. The outline tool “Shape Outline” is located at “Home” tab and has additional settings of line thickness and line type apart from the color settings.
  7. Arrange vector shapes. You can arrange multiple vector shapes in relation to each other. Arrangement tools are located at “Home” > “Arrange”. Remember to select the shapes you need before making changes.
  8. Group and ungroup vector shapes. You can group and ungroup multiple shapes. The tools are located at “Home” > “Arrange”. Remember to select the shapes you need before making changes.
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