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PowerPoint: How to work with content slides?

Why is our presentation based on content slides and not master slides?

  1. Content slides immediately display the slide filled with information and data. It is convenient as you can preview how will your slide look like when filled.
  2. Using the master slides is possible by inserting the master slide template into the working area. And “New Slide” instrument that shows the selection of master slides doesn’t allow user to see the clear structure of each slide, you can only view small previews with empty fields. You can view all the content slides via “Slide Sorter” in the scale you need (it’s user-scalable), as well as select the slide and move it easily by dragging, copy or delete. It is much more convenient.
  3. When creating master slide we can use a very limited number of instruments so it’s almost impossible to create custom and original infographics that could be edited by user. For example, if any illustration or vector infographics is inserted directly into a master slide, the user have to switch to a master slide editing mode to change its size, to make changes and then to edit the information in the mode of content slide. It’s inconvenient and greatly complicates the work.

How to work with content slides?

  1. With a “Slide Sorter” mode you can view all the slides of your presentation (slider at the bottom of the application window). Slides or the group of slides can be moved with a mouse. You can also duplicate or delete selected slides. To select the group of files use mouse and “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys.
  2. In “Normal” mode the working area and sidebar are displayed by default with thumbnails of presentation slides. You can also copy/ duplicate/ delete slides directly in the thumbnails sidebar.
  3. Select the slides you need for creating the presentation. All the fields are active. Click on the text field and replace the demo text. You can change the width and arrangement of a field according to your preference.
  4. Every graphic element of the presentation is vector (except MockUP). Use standard tools of PowerPoint to change their position, shape and color.
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