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Why does your company require an organization Chart?

Any enterprise or company has an organizational structure that is developed at the stage of their creation and adjusted in the process of practical activity. The organizational structure of a company or enterprise reflects the relationship between the management team and the staff, gives a clear idea of ​​who is responsible for making managerial decisions at the enterprise. That is why it is important to develop a proper org chart template that will successfully display the structure of the company. Thus, the organization chart serves as an obligatory and useful tool for every business.

Make Organizational charts

What is an organizational chart?

An organizational chart is a visualization tool that allows displaying the organizational structure of any business or company.

The organizational structure of the enterprise is a system of relationships between structural units of the enterprise in the production process.

Elements of such a system are:

  • management relationships;
  • internal rules and regulations;
  • personal responsibility of each unit for the performance of a particular work;
  • allocation of duties of staff and managers.

A properly developed and thought-out structure of the enterprise guarantees stable and dynamic business development and the full functioning of the institution as a whole.

Types of org structures

Most often, the following types of organizational structures are created and used at enterprises:

  • Linear: This is an extremely simple and most demanded organizational chart that is usually used in medium and large enterprises. With a linear structure, subordinates are required to carry out the orders of only their immediate supervisor.
  • Functional: The functional structure of the enterprise is often called multilinear due to the presence of several managers who are responsible for different areas of production and economic activity.
  • Linear unit: It is characterized by the presence of line managers and units, which in fact are not authorized to make independent decisions. The main goal of such units (headquarters) is to help the manager in managing and performing certain functions.
  • Matrix: It is characterized by a mix of the properties of the project and the functional organizational structures of the enterprise. A distinctive feature is the presence of two managers of the same level at once, one of whom is the direct manager due to the distribution of duties, the other is the manager responsible for the project.
  • Project: The project (team) organizational structure is created for a limited time period to solve a specific issue. It can be created in case of an emergency. Its existence is limited by the period of the relevance of a problem. In the project org structure, usually, only a part of the managerial staff with the necessary knowledge and competence is involved.

The choice of the type of organizational structure of the enterprise (linear, functional) depends on the specifics of production, the number of personnel, goals, and industry of the enterprise, and many other factors.

Ideally, the organizational structure should be flexible, easily adjusted to the new conditions of economic activity, and at the same time contribute to the achievement of forecasted economic indicators by the enterprise.

Where is it used and what for?

It is impossible to imagine an enterprise, company, or any business without the org chart. It serves as a skeleton of the company or project. Understanding the organizational structure of the enterprise will allow managers and employees to instantly diagnose the problems of interaction between units/ subdivisions. In addition, it provides a clear picture of how the production processes are arranged, which helps evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

The clearer the structure is, the easier it is to overcome disagreements and ensure the movement of all members engaged in the workflow towards a common goal.

If your organizational structure is poorly developed or includes mistakes, it significantly increases the time frame for the performance of work or the provision of services. To create a high-quality structure of the enterprise, its constant analysis and timely corrections based on the data obtained as a result of the analysis are required.

As you see, a professional org structure helps make the workflow more effective and convenient. It is a useful tool for managers and businessmen, which is used in all spheres of professional activity.

How to create and use organizational charts?

Any organizational structure can be represented in the form of a scheme, where separate blocks will denote the director or manager of the enterprise, its structural divisions, individual managerial units, and the relationships between them. Now, let’s find out how to create the visual element. In addition, we will list useful tips you should keep in mind when choosing and making the org chart.

What is an Organizational chart

There are several stages of designing the organizational structure, namely:

  • determination of the type of structure;
  • determination of types of managerial impact;
  • establishment of types of relationships within the enterprise and methods for their implementation;
  • correlation between the structure and management style;
  • determination of the remuneration system in the administrative apparatus.
  1. At the first stage, determine to which type of the organizational structure your organization can be attributed to: a functional, mixed, or divisional one.
  2. The next step is to determine the type of managerial impact. Find out what key exposure tools are specific to your business:
    • strategic control;
    • financial control;
    • investment control;
    • operational control;
    • personnel policy;
    • political assistance;
    • information support.

3. The third stage is designed to identify possible types of relationships within the enterprise from the following possible options:

  • production relationships;
  • innovative relationships;
  • staff relationships.

Each of the presented types can be implemented in one of 3 forms: automatic, “channel” or forced.

4. At the fourth stage, it is necessary to deal with the possible correlation between the structure and general style of senior management. The most common types of managers in relation to internal corporate communications are:

  • expert leaders;
  • advisory leaders;
  • negotiating leaders;
  • visitor leaders.

5. When determining the remuneration systems at the fifth stage of the organizational structure creation, be guided by the following criteria:

  • the organization’s ability to raise funds;
  • the results of the research of the goal-setting system;
  • methods of managerial impact on business analyzers.

When you collect all this information, you can proceed to visualizing it. It is possible to use either paper charts or digital templates. Below, we’re going to provide you with some links to high-quality premade templates for org charts. But before, let’s list some useful tips that will help create a comprehensible org chart.

  1. Do not forget that the org chart should be constantly adjusted depending on the current state of affairs, stages of development, and the company position.
  2. It should be relevant to the existing company’s objectives, interests, and goals.
  3. It should be clear. Make sure that your org chart simplifies topics perception and does not make it more complicated.

Professional tools for digital org chart creation

We have already found out that the org chart is an obligatory tool for absolutely every business or enterprise. We have also learned how to create a high-quality comprehensible chart and what points one should keep in mind. Now, it’s time to think about how to visualize the obtained information.

Presentations and all sorts of digital projects are used nowadays everywhere. It has become a common tool for business meetings or conferences. Thus, it is popular to display various topics using premade presentation templates. Moreover, it is very convenient.

Here, we provide a link to a web site on which site visitors will find lots of different templates for organizational charts. There, a great library of professional high-quality slides is represented. Many of them are absolutely free. Slides are supported by Keynote, Google Slides, and PowerPoint software. Now, let’s consider some examples of their products.

Org chart PPT template free

Org chart PPT template free

Download Org chart PPT template free >

Download Org chart Google Slides template free >

Download Org chart Keynote template free >

This is a free org chart slide. Its creative multicolored design draws attention. One slide can be added to any project or presentation. It allows displaying the hierarchy of 3 or 4 levels of employees. The main features of the slide are high quality, ease of use, multipurpose character, free download, and its availability for all the most popular software. If you want to try the element, you can download it in a few clicks and use it in your presentations.

Business process PPT presentation

Business process PPT presentation

Download free Business process PPT presentation >

Download free Business process Google Slides presentation >

Download free Business process Keynote presentation >

Here is one more free example of org chart templates. One slide comprises five multicolored tables. It reminds of a branched tree. The slide serves as an excellent visualization tool for organizational structures.  Such a vivid slide will help make the topic comprehensible and easily perceivable. Moreover, users do not have to pay for it. Absolutely every site visitor can download the element for free. It is a high-quality easy-to-use template for your simple and effective work.

Powerpoint template tree diagram

Powerpoint template tree diagram

PowerPoint template tree diagram free download >

Google Slides template tree diagram free download >

Keynote template tree diagram free download >

The next slide is also free. It is a multicolored organizational chart with icons and text lines. Due to such a vivid element, it becomes easier to visualize and display information. Although the slide is offered for free, it is a high-quality professional template that does not have defects. Download it and try to display on high-resolution screens. You won’t see any defects. Among other useful features, there are built-in tools, ease of use, and modern design.

Organizational charts template for PowerPoint

Organizational charts template for PowerPoint

Organizational chart template for PowerPoint >

Organizational chart template for Google Slides >

Organizational chart template for Keynote >

This is the link to a great pack of org chart templates. 30 unique slides are gathered in the pack. All slides are unique, have different designs and structures. It is possible to find the necessary one for any type of organization structure. Slides are vivid and clear. All elements are high-quality and easy-to-use; they are equipped with the necessary built-in tools. If you choose the pack, you’ll be able to choose a new slide for every new presentation.

Tree diagram PowerPoint presentation

Tree diagram PowerPoint presentation

Tree diagram PowerPoint presentation free >

Tree diagram Google Slides presentation free >

Tree diagram Keynote presentation free >

This is another example of free templates. A multicolored unique slide comprises blocks with icons, text lines, which are connected by enumerated lines. It is a useful visualization tool that is fully ready for work. The slide is high-quality and won’t have defects on any device. Its design is suitable for different types of presentations. There is no user who will encounter problems with the element as it is easy-to-use and premade. Moreover, you can download it absolutely for free.

Organizational chart in PowerPoint

Organizational chart in PowerPoint

Organizational chart in PowerPoint >

Organizational chart in Google Slides >

Organizational chart in Keynote >

This is a great pack in which 36 unique slides are gathered. All elements are vivid and multicolored. They attract attention. It is easy to find the right slide among such an abundance of premade elements. Each slide is equipped with built-in tools that make elements fully editable. The pack does not have poor-quality elements. All slides can be displayed on high-resolution devices. It is a useful visualization tool for employees who want to simplify their workflow.

We hope that now, you realize the importance of the organization structure and understand why you need it. The org structure demonstrates schematic relations between structural units of your enterprise. It helps solve numerous tasks quicker and more effectively. If you want to visualize your org chart, it is possible to use the above-mentioned slides for PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides, which make work easier and more convenient.

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