Burke-Litwin Causal Model Presentation Templates

The Burke-Litwin Causal Model is a framework for understanding how organizational change occurs. The model is a comprehensive, holistic and multi-causal model that describes how changes in an organization’s environment, leadership, culture, and other factors can lead to changes in an organization’s strategies, structure, systems, and processes, which in turn lead to changes in the attitudes, behaviors, and performance of its employees.

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The model is used to understand the relationships between different factors that influence organizational change and how changes in one area can lead to changes in other areas. It is useful for identifying the root causes of problems or challenges within an organization and for developing a comprehensive change management plan. It’s widely used in the field of organizational development, management consulting, and strategic planning.

It can be used to analyze the current situation of an organization, identify the key drivers of change, and to design and implement a change plan that addresses the underlying causes of the change. The model can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the change efforts, by assessing the progress made in each of the key drivers of change.