Burke-Litwin Model Templates

In today’s dynamic business environment, understanding organizational change is crucial. The Burke-Litwin model stands out as a leading framework for grasping this complex subject. Whether you’re a management professional, a leadership enthusiast, or someone delving into organizational structures, our collection of Burke-Litwin model templates is designed to cater to your needs.

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Showing all 6 results

Our templates range from simple diagrams to intricate presentations. Dive deep into the 12 key factors of the Burke-Litwin causal model that influence organizational performance and change. With both free and premium options available, you can download the perfect editable slide for your PowerPoint PPT, Keynote, or Google Slides presentation.

Why Opt for Our Burke-Litwin Model Templates?

  1. Tailored to Your Needs: Editable Designs Our Burke Litwin model templates are not just any generic designs. They are editable, allowing you to manage and edit them to fit your specific requirements. Whether you’re crafting a change plan or laying out an organizational change framework, our templates can be molded to echo your unique presentation style.
  2. Comprehensive Collection: Diverse Range From the foundational burke and litwin diagrams to the intricate litwin model powerpoint template, our collection spans a wide type. Delve into the multicausal intricacies of the burke-litwin change model or explore the 4th element of the litwins theory; we’ve ensured that every facet of the model is covered.
  3. Expert Craftsmanship: Professional Quality Every model presentation in our collection is designed by professionals. This guarantees not just aesthetic appeal but also clarity and precision. When you use our templates, you’re leveraging top-tier development that stands out in any organizational setting.
  4. Flexibility at Its Best: Versatility The burke litwin model is used across various domains, from organizational culture analysis to strategic planning. Our templates are versatile, catering to diverse needs, be it culture and climate studies, modelo evaluations, or burkes and causaal explorations.

Deep Dive into the Burke Litwin Model

The burke-litwin change model offers a multicausal lens to view changes within an organization. It’s essential to understand how different factors of change interplay and affect the broader organizational landscape. For instance, how does organizational culture influence individual needs? Or how might a shift in policy steer the strategic direction?

Our templates are tools that help you analyze these relationships. They provide a structured schedule to dissect the effectiveness of the change. By incorporating the litwin model in your presentations, you’re setting the stage for successful change initiatives. It ensures that your goal aligns perfectly with the need for change in the organization.

Whether you’re looking to understand the external influences on an organization or the impact on organization-wide performance, our templates are your useful companions. Dive deep, analyze, and present with confidence.


So, whether you’re presenting a change management strategy, exploring the 12 key factors of the model, or illustrating the causal model of organizational performance, our templates are your go-to resource. Download your desired model PowerPoint template today and make your presentation stand out.