Central America maps Keynote Templates

A geographic map represents a reduced image of the Earth’s surface. Conventional symbols are drawn on a plane. The map is the greatest invention of humanity. The man has always needed maps. They appeared long before the first letters and hieroglyphs. Keynote Maps have come a long way from simple drawings to accurate mathematically verified models of Earth’s areas.

Maps are constantly updated because the face of the Earth is constantly changing. For instance, courses of rivers are changed, glaciers come and go, geographic objects created by man appear. In the 20th century, the man saw the Earth from airplanes and spaceships. New knowledge about the Earth has increased. Consequently, the possibilities for creating maps have enlarged.

Maps can be different: they can depict the entire globe, separate continents, states, seas, and oceans. They can serve different purposes. For example, studying distributional channels or finding out animal habitats. There are sky maps that show the position of the stars and other celestial bodies moving around the Sun. Below, you’ll find a great variety of Central America countries templates. High-quality premade elements will help visualize information and diversify presentations.

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