Diagrams & Charts Templates for Keynote

The main advantage of infographics is how data is presented to humans. Let’s analyze how information is processed by a person at the physical level. The first thing a person does is convert a huge amount of data into useful information. How is information processed? The eyes are the main organ of graphic information perception. Visual perception is a set of processes for creating a visual image based on sensory information obtained using the visual system. Ascending and descending processes occur in the human brain through vision. An ascending process is what we see. A descending process is the brain’s interpretation of what we see according to familiar images as well as specific goals. Such a two-level system protects the brain from overloading with unnecessary information.

To eliminate the ability to lose significant data, there is a feedback reaction. It starts acting when the brain is interested in something. As a result, the eyes receive the necessary appeal. Hence, a two-way exchange is supported between the layers. To find out more information on this topic, read this article. Below, you’ll find a library of premade templates. A Keynote process slide will help visualize information and make any topic more perceivable.

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