Fishbone / Ishikawa diagram Templates for Keynote MAC

The idea of a fishbone-shaped causal diagram belongs to Kaoru Ishikawa. He was the largest expert in quality management. This technique was originally used to analyze the factors that lead to manufacturing defects. But, over time, businessmen began to use it for analyzing other processes. The fishbone method has remained popular for over half a century. And this is not surprising, considering that it has the following benefits. It makes it possible to get deeper into a problem and consider it from various angles. Sometimes it leads to identifying unexpected cause-and-effect relationships. It helps develop creativity as well as take an unconventional approach to solve an issue. It is multipurpose. It is possible to apply the diagram to different life and work situations.

In this diagram, the backbone is the problem. Lateral bones are causes that influence a product or idea. To read a detailed article about the fishbone diagram, click here. Below, we offer the whole library of Keynote bone diagram templates. The provided slides are unique and creative elements. They are perfect for marketing and business presentations. Slides will help vividly visualize information. Moreover, it will simplify an employee’s workflow.

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