Gantt chart Google Slides template

The Gantt chart is one of the most popular tools for any project manager. It is a way of presenting the project schedule in the form of a horizontal bar chart, where tasks are specified on the vertical axis and dates are on the horizontal axis.

The chart is rather simple and ingenious. One can see what task follows another one, what duties intersect. Other important information displayed on the chart includes the duration of tasks and the order of their implementation. Everything becomes clear at a glance. If desired and necessary, one can add other information. For instance, milestones, responsible employees, percentage of completion. The chart is an indispensable tool for any project management. Thus, it is widely used in business and marketing. A more detailed article on this topic is available on the link. There, you can find all the information about Gantt charts.

To simplify the process of chart creation, many ready-made tools are offered on the Internet. Below, you can see Gantt chart Google Slides templates. These are professional premade slides for the creation of high-quality charts. They will help visualize project tasks and schedule them. Elements are tested. They do not cause any problems.

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