Gantt chart in Keynote Template

Gantt charts can help improve your workflow efficiency and ensure that all tasks are completed on time. A Gantt chart is used as an effective planning tool. It is believed that the American engineer Henry L. Gantt became its author. The first chart was developed in 1910.

The Gantt chart looks like an ordinary graph, consisting of horizontal bars that are oriented between two axes. A vertical one is a list of tasks. Each line is a separate process or a part of a project. A consistent arrangement allows users to remember all the processes and monitor the timing of their implementation. A horizontal axis shows time limits. On the chart, you can see the start and end of the work/project, its total duration.

Visualization provides a clear understanding of what stage the project is in, how much time is left to complete tasks, where critical points are located. Schedules allow optimizing the process of planning and distributing tasks among employees. It is a great presentation tool to help clearly demonstrate your project priorities. More information about Gantt charts is available here.

To create a Gantt chart in Keynote templates, you can use one of the below-offered slides. High-quality elements allow visualizing information about projects clearly and vividly.

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