Gantt chart Powerpoint templates

A Gantt chart is a task planning and management tool developed by engineer Henry Gantt in 1910. The chart consists of bars oriented along the time axis. Each line corresponds to a task from the list on the left. In this case, tasks are arranged sequentially: either by priority or by the logic of execution. The main function of the chart is to organize work with tasks, as well as to visually group them by dates and priorities. This approach allows avoiding the situations when more time is spent on a secondary task while first-class tasks suffer. Also, it is impossible to lose one of the tasks.

The Gantt chart is ideal for short-term and long-term projects with a small number of participants (up to 10 people). It is well suited for small and medium-sized businesses to structure their processes. Freelancers who often have problems with self-organization and time frames also widely use the visualization tool. In addition, it is convenient to use it for commercial offers, estimates, and presentations. A customer clearly sees all stages of the project and understands the terms of its implementation. Read more info about the Gantt chart in this article.

Below, you can choose a suitable slide among dozens of Gantt chart PowerPoint templates. They are easy-to-use and high-quality.

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