Keynote Dashboard Template

To understand how things are going in business, a businessman needs reports. It is necessary to make them at least monthly. Thus, by the end of the month, a manager looks through numbers and results and assesses the current situation of a company. Dashboards help to simplify the task for employees. It implies an interactive real-time report on all metrics and channels.

A dashboard is a laconic report with visually presented data. Usually, it fits on one screen, where important analytical indicators are displayed. Graphics, text, numbers, elements of infographics are widely used when creating dashboards. Based on the data obtained, recommendations and forecasts are additionally displayed on the screen. The main difference between the dashboard and an information report is up-to-date information. Data is automatically updated from integrated services and displayed on the screen. The latest figures about user behavior, purchases, failures, sales volumes, are always at hand.

The dashboard is a useful and convenient working tool for every office employee. We offer many dashboards below. Look through them and download a suitable Keynote dashboard template. They will simplify your workflow.

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