Keynote Segmented Circles

With each passing day, the amount of information is growing. Designers are looking for solutions that will help users perceive large amounts of data easily. The use of charts and graphs is one of these methods. Research has shown that most people are visuals. It means that they easier perceive information through images. Visual Keynote illustrations help users display information, understand dependencies, and draw appropriate conclusions. The human brain easily recognizes visual patterns. So, the easiest way to present data is in graphical form. In other words, when using various diagrams and graphs. Even tables are not so readable by users, although they also structure data.

Data visualization helps not only format the data for easier perception. It also evokes an emotional response from a listener. Graphs and charts make articles more appealing, engage readers, and help visualize information. In addition, this way of data presentation is better remembered by users and draws attention to an issue. Below, we display our segmented circle templates. These are ready-made visualization elements. They perfectly cope with all the above-mentioned tasks.

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