Marketing Mix Google Slides

A marketing mix is ​a set of certain tools, parameters, by manipulating which marketers try to satisfy customers. The purpose of the marketing mix is ​​a comprehensive marketing impact on the target audience. It is aimed at identifying the most effective solution to marketing problems.

In other words, the marketing mix is a set of tactical decisions that determine the specific marketing steps of the company on the market. This is a working set of verifiable tools from any marketing department. The method consists of the following elements. A product means a good/service that a company offers on the market. Promotion is all possible means by which customers will know about the product. A place is an actual location of stores. It also includes such notions as distribution or market entry channels. A price deals with price formation. The company uses the combination of these factors to obtain the desired reaction of the target market. To achieve the desired response from the target consumers, manufacturing companies use a wide variety of tools. Together, these tools form the marketing mix. If you want to learn more about this issue, click here. Below, you’ll find a marketing mix 4p Google Slides template that will help visualize the data obtained. A user will create high-quality presentations easily and quickly

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