Marketing Mix Keynote Templates

It is impossible to build a successful business strategy without making a comprehensible marketing mix analysis. The notion unites four constituents that an experienced businessman should analyze to ensure success on the market.

Initially, the model included the following parts: a product, a price, a place, and promotion. However, over time, the mix has been extended. Nowadays, there are several subtypes of the marketing mix. In addition to a classic 4P’s mix, another one analyzes also People. In comparison with a 5P’s model, a 7P’s mix includes also such factors as Process and Physical evidence. These two sub-mixes are branches of a classic 4P’s marketing mix. Thus, let’s consider this one.

The essence of the mix is to create a comprehensible picture of your company to achieve the set goals on the market. Thus, the marketing mix allows a manager to develop the best product. The model helps find the best place where to distribute the good. It considers the price formation and analyzes the most suitable promotional channels.

If you want to learn more about the marketing mix and all its subdivisions in detail, click here. Below, we offer premade templates that will help visualize the results of the marketing mix. Each marketing Keynote pack will perfectly display information and make your report comprehensible and appealing.

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