Marketing Mix PowerPoint Templates

The concept of the marketing mix is the basis of marketing. It is a foundation for business planning. The essence of the notion is to offer the right product. Do it at the right time and in the right place. Moreover, ask the right price for it. Thus, the marketing mix is a complex structure of measures taken to promote a product. Marketers believe that these four points are the basis for developing a competitive good. They state that before one introduces any good on the market, a thorough analysis should be performed. Only when the businessman has a clear vision of the current situation, it is possible to succeed.

A classic marketing mix comprises four constituents. To begin with, a skilled businessman should determine a product. This point includes its packaging, logo, brand, peculiarities, level of service, etc. One should study the product as deep as possible to know everything about it. Then comes a price. This part implies studying the principles of price formation. One should set the right price. A low price won’t bring profit. While a high price won’t be competitive. Thus, here, it is important to find the golden middle. A place includes ways to distribute a good. A promotion means channels by which customers will learn about it. A more detailed article on this topic is available here. In addition, below, we offer marketing mix PowerPoint templates that will help display information clearly.

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