Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model

The Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model teaches organizations and businesses to achieve high performance through 4 key drivers of performance. Do you want a template that will allow you to present the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model to your employees or employers? Here at Hislide you can find the best Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model templates that give you the original model in editable and high-definition PowerPoint slides. No need to copy this high-performance organizational model from Google images in poor resolution with low visibility. Just download our free .pptx template, add your logo, custom text and use it, or copy it to an existing presentation, the choice is yours. We give you free templates with multiple aspect ratios and availability in most .pptx formats so you can open and edit the slide fast from desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

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