PEST/ PESTEL/ PESTLE Templates for Keynote

A PEST analysis is a tool that determines the company’s strategy in the long run. Sometimes, it is also called a STEP analysis, but the essence of the method does not change. The analysis covers the period from 3 to 10 years. The abbreviation PEST includes the following factors: politics, economics, society-culture, technology. All four components are factors of the macro environment. The PEST analysis is focused on obtaining top-level results. It gives the so-called “helicopter view”. It means a top overview of the external environment of the company and the company’s place on the market. The PEST technique is similar to performing a SWOT analysis and consists of the following steps. Drawing up a matrix, the cells of which will be the environmental factors that affect the company.

The development of the company’s strategy, which meets the forecasts on the dynamics of environmental factors. This topic is comprehensibly explained in the article. Follow the link to read it. Below, you can find a set of Keynote slides for visualizing the PEST analysis. All users can choose a free PEST template and add it to their presentations. The provided elements are high-quality professional tools. They allow users to make workflows easy and convenient.

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