PEST, PESTEL and PESTLE Analysis Presentation Templates

Dive into our vast collection of PEST, PESTEL, and PESTLE analysis templates tailored for your presentation needs. Whether you’re a marketer or business owner, understanding the external factors impacting a company’s performance is vital. Utilize our PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides templates to streamline your analysis.

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Showing 13–24 of 39 results

Our downloadable selection offers both free and premium templates. With editable features, you can customize each slide to fit your strategic objectives. PEST analysis, PESTEL analysis, and PESTLE analysis are crucial frameworks that help businesses understand and analyze the macro-environmental factors like political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors.

Key Features PEST, PESTEL and PESTLE Analysis Presentation Templates

  • Editable PowerPoint templates and Google Slides perfect for dynamic presentations.
  • Comprehensive analysis templates, including SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, and PESTEL analysis.
  • Infographics and diagrams to explain threats and opportunities effectively.
  • Customizable designs suitable for market research, risk management, and strategic planning.
  • Templates presented in the form of maps, charts, and frameworks for diverse business environments.

For those who seek variety, explore examples, from blank canvases to detailed analysis powerpoint templates. Don’t forget our additional resources that assist in understanding interest rates, market conditions, and more. So, whether you’re monitoring current business environment, assessing threats and opportunities, or planning your company’s next move, our templates are your go-to tool.

Global Market and Multilingual Templates

Navigating the global market requires the right tools and resources. Our templates, specially crafted for multilingual teams, offer just that.

  1. Template Versions for Diverse Languages:
    • Vorlage: Specifically for our German audience, this version ensures that analysts can understand political factors and economic factors prevalent in the European region.
    • Plantilla: Crafted for Spanish speakers, it emphasizes the social factors and technological factors impacting businesses in Hispanic regions.
    • Gratis: A universal term for ‘free,’ we offer complimentary pest analysis template and pestel analysis template for startups and budding entrepreneurs.
  2. Key Features of Our Multilingual Templates:
    • PESTEL Analysis PPT: A comprehensive slide set that stands as a framework used to analyse the macro factors influencing a business.
    • Pestle or Pestel? Both terminologies have gained traction, but whether you say pestle stands for the inclusion of legal and environmental factors or you prefer the PESTEL version, our templates cover them all.
    • Environmental Factors and More: Dive deep into understanding how the external environment and technological factors impact a business. Our pestle analysis powerpoint template and pestel analysis powerpoint templates provide clear insights.
    • STEEP and STEEPLE: Beyond the standard analysis, explore two additional tools used by marketers. These delve into ethical considerations and the broader macro external environment.
  3. Resources for In-Depth Analysis:
    • Reports: Collaborating with, we present detailed reports highlighting how environmental factors, political factors, and more can impact a business.
    • Tool Used by Experts: Many successful analysts trust our resources for its accuracy and comprehensiveness. Whether you’re assessing opportunities and threats or understanding what pestle stands for, our resources have you covered.

Seize the opportunity to download our templates and fortify your market strategy. Dive into the details, understand the legal and environmental nuances, and ensure your business stays ahead.

Comprehensive Market Analysis with

Elevate your understanding of market dynamics with our intricate tools and resources. By emphasizing what stands for political, legal, and other influential aspects, our framework provides a comprehensive perspective. Partnered with, we bring forth a detailed analysis that is a proven framework used to delve deep into factors pivotal to businesses. Designed specifically to analyze various elements, including those that include legal components, our resources provide insights into the factors that may affect your enterprise’s trajectory.

Navigating Business Challenges

As we aim to assist businesses in navigating challenges, our tools are tailored to highlight elements that can significantly affect an organization. Dive deep, understand the nuances, and let our resources help you create strategic roadmaps that resonate with your goals. Happy delving!